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  1. Paint Room Reno

    I had a forum topic a while ago about the best way to extract fumes from a spray booth. The first thing I tried was box fans mounted in the wall as seen in picture three to push air into the room and exhaust the fumes out the window… this did not work that well, I had the whole house smelling...
  2. Drop down spray booth w/ exhaust fan for woodshop

    The spray booth is 11'x11' with 10'6" ceiling. I cut 3/4" plywood into 2" strips and made 4 sets of frames. Drilled holes in two of them, placed 3/8" tee-nuts in one of those and stacked it under a solid frame which gets attached to the ceiling. The second drilled frame gets 6" bolts and...
  3. Cheap & Easy Exhaust Fan

    When I made my finishing room I needed a way to get all the fumes out of the work area and prevent them from getting into my upstairs living space, so I devised the simple and easy to build exhaust fan. It is a household fan minus the base and plywood housing with some mesh to keep curious...
  4. Jigs & Fixtures
    I'm trying to decide what tape to use for attaching templates to workpieces. I have a 1/2 wide Scotch brand. A roll of both permanent and a roll of removable. But there's got to be something better. What do you prefer?
1-4 of 4 Results