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  1. Mini Yoga Parallettes

    Mini Parallettes for Yoga with Maple handles and Pine supports :)
  2. Medal Display

    Made this for wifey, she needed a place for all the medals and trophies. Constructed from oak and maple, the runner medalion pattern is from a Patrick Spielman & Brian Dahlen scroll saw book. Approximate size is 2 ft. wide X 4" deep X 5" tall. Her friends are already bugging me about making...
  3. Wall bars

    Wall bars or gymnastics ladder, also known as stall bars in USA and Swedish wall in several countries was invented at the beginning of the 19th century by a Swedish physical therapist and teacher Dr. Pehr Henrik Ling. Great variety of exercises on it exists, which could be further expended using...
  4. Handstand blocks

    This is set of handstand blocks for my friend - she teaches yoga, and does some acrobatics. Apparently, blocks of different height need different muscles to get onto, so this set includes interchangeable pipes of 4", 8" and 12" length. Some people say that sloped blocks are easier on wrists, so...
  5. Yoga Backbender Prop

    A Yoga Backbender Prop used to help in developing flexibility during rehabilitation or to improve particular Yoga postures. Made from Phenolic Resin Birch Plywood and 1" / 25mm Dowels.
  6. Blogs
    handmade guitars Hello Bob( A friend) It's cold here Bob! I only heat one room-a small one. I have been exercising a lot-the reason is not that noble, it's practical. When I get up I get on the arm bike and stair stepper for 30 or 49 minutes. After that I can stand going outside with a cup...
1-6 of 6 Results