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  1. French Country Rustic Executive Desk and Built-ins

    Good morning all. Wanted to share my first executive desk design. This project was a headache from the start for this newb. But I felt like a proud papa when her client fell in love with her upon delivery. Used rough cut Northern Red Oak on everything but the drawer boxes and "beadboard" behind...
  2. Carved Walnut Desk

    I did this 100% black walnut desk a long time ago, about 1992. As you can see, I was trying to break the mold of flat surfaces and add some 'movement' to the design. I shouldn't say this, but I 'hand carved' it with a router. You can guess I learned to hold that 3 hp router damn tight (but I...
  3. Executive Size Oak Desk

    I needed a new computer desk, as the one I was using was still the one from college (like 25 years ago), and it was the cheapest thing I could find back then. I had no room for laying out papers, and designs, so it was time to make a larger desk. I drew up the design on sketchup that matched...
1-3 of 3 Results