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  1. Fancy Cane #95: Black & White Ebony w/ Brazilian Ebony

    This cane was commissioned as a birthday present for a gentleman who wanted an elegant cane with a traditional right angle "L" shaped handle. He liked the style of Cane #079 and this is actually the sister piece of wood from that cane. I was pleased to be...
  2. Fancy Tall Cane #100: T Style - Figured Koa, Texas Ebony, Macawood & Pearls

    This is a large "T" style cane made with a very nicely figured piece of Koa with a tight pattern that shows up well considering the small dimensions of a cane handle. The chatoyance helps illuminate the figuring to look like stripes of a tiger and each angle that it is viewed from changes the...
  3. Custom Fancy Cane #079: Black & White Ebony

    A client asked me to repair a silver handled cane that he had purchased and had broken and wanted to use the existing ebony shaft for the new cane. The handle was a hollow silver chased form that was filled with a putty of sorts then attached to the shaft by filling the neck of the silver...
1-3 of 3 Results