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    How I made a hand screw clamp For my first video, I show how I made a hand screw clamp. This is actually the first of the videos I'll be putting out in English and Esperanto. View on YouTube To find the Esperanto video, look in the Ligneroj channel.
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    Some Thoughts I've finally figured out some direction for the 'Book Project' which I've been thinking towards for some time. I'm writing the book in my second language, Esperanto, so unfortunately it won't be much use for Lumberjocks directly. However, I'm going to have to progress a bit in my...
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    Translating can be fun! Now for some lighter news. Lately I've been translating the text from some of my projects into Esperanto and posting them on my Ligneroj Blog. Believe it or not I find this relaxing and fun. I'm the only Esperanto speaker in the world who is a woodworker, or at least...
1-4 of 4 Results