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  1. Inuit (Eskimo) Ash wood & Leather Kyack

    Work in progress. Mini ASH wood kyack. With real spear and paddle. Leather is from some UGG boots that the outlets tossed when new models come in to the store. I scrounged them. Nice leather with shearling lining. The SOB's slash and cut them up so no one can wear them. Big bag outside the back...
  2. Inuit (eskimo ) Ash Sled is a steam bent, Ash Inuit (Eskimo )Dog Sled I made a while back. All I need is a team of small dogs and I am set for winter fun !
  3. Human Surrounded by the Beauty of Nature Intarsia Set?.

    It's been a while sense my last project post because this one took a while to finish making the pattern and making two pieces from it. I found a picture on the internet and really liked it, so I went to work on a pattern. When I had it made I started thinking, that I always make a piece and...
1-3 of 3 Results