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  1. Projects Honeycomb Charcuterie board

    I've always wanted to make an epoxy & wood honeycomb serving board so I finally did! But of course I had to take it a step further and make it luminescent. Bring on the dinner parties!! I first batched out about 50 hexagons using my homemade hexagon cutting jig. I build a mold and laid them out...
  2. Projects Logo sign

    My daughter and I rented a little space at a local consignment store. We decided that I should make a sign for the booth, so here it is. Maple board with some mica colored epoxy for the logo and words. About 24" across.
  3. Projects Epoxy walnut table

    First attempt at an epoxy table. Walnut came from my front yard. I milled it myself. Wood has been drying for about 5 years waiting for a project.
  4. Epoxy and Wood Coaster sets

    Epoxy and wood coaster sets. One is purpleheart and a mix of silver and copper mica powders mixed into the epoxy. The other set is using two pieces of scrap cast in the same mold.

    Just a sliding block I made to hold 2 framing squares together to act as a large caliper . I made this from 7/16" oak flooring scrap and some jatoba offcuts . To lock the squares together I use a simple quick clamp which provides a good lock and lets me move the caliper without loosing my...
  6. Knife Scales from Palm

    New Video out: Damascus knife, custom mosaic pins, palm leaf composit handle and epoxy inlay :)
  7. Colored Butterfly inlay

    Here is my latest creation, a butterfly inlay in a piece of cherry wood. I used 5 min epoxy mixed with some colored pencil lead shavings. This really serves no purpose but just to look at. I glued a piece of walnut to the back & put some felt on the bottom. I finished it with a few rounds of...
  8. potato and onion bin

    after being married 14 year only my wife would want something from my shop! so she wished for a potato and onion bin but she wanted a spot for garlic to so that is why the top opens.
  9. Bread Box - Xmas Present

    I made this bread box with a drawer for utensils for my dad for Christmas. I designed the box on SketchUp and used my CNC router to carve "Bread" into the lid.
  10. I posted these before, but thought they were worth another look

    My first project on the scrowl saw and nearly first on a lathe. The Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus and a drinking mug.
  11. Rowboat

    I wanted to make a one person rowboat that I could easily toss in the back of my truck for a quick solo fishing trip. I started in August and put it in the water in early September. It worked better than expected. Floats like a charm and turns on a dime. I designed it based on photos and...
  12. Live Edge Coasters

    Set of four live-edge coasters, about 4" in diameter each. Woodburned "Eurypertus remipes," the state fossil of NY. Voids between the outer bark and inner tree rings filled with two-part epoxy. Coated in 6 spray-on layers of spar urethane. Rubbed out with 0000 steel wool.
  13. Blade Box Redux

    Ten years ago, I was fretting over the state of my tablesaw blade storage, er, uh, there was none! I had them in a flat file drawer with sheets of cardboard to separate them. As I would swap one for a sharp one or one of a different use, I'd have to do a blade shuffle and be careful not to...
  14. recipe box

    This was a recipe box that my wife and I made for our daughter's wedding shower. She laminated all of our favorite family recipies and I made the box for them. The picture on the inside was of the couple when they were engaged and a New York City rooftop view. It was decoapauged from a...
  15. Butcher-block Cornhole Boards, Epoxy top

    I was commissioned to build one of the finest sets of cornhole boards ever built. I began by carefully selecting 2×4s for grain and color. I milled these to about 1.5×1.5, and laminated into 12"-wide slabs, alternating reddish and whitish boards. This is both the widest I can run thru my...
  16. Butternut slab with epoxy dye

    Here's another butternut slab bench I worked on. Originally I had put keys in it because of a couple cracks, then I was going to just fill a center "stream" with dyed epoxy. The more I tried to do, the more rot I found and then had to expand the pour and more. I poured way more epoxy (west...
  17. White oak bowl

    This is a piece of white oak that had a few checks in it, but no enough to stop me from turning it. Patched with dyed epoxy, sanded to 400 and sealed with Shellawax EEE and cream.
  18. Schrodingers Box - The Quantum Dovetails, A Wooden box of Uncertainty

    We all get caught up in things we can't control, and this was my catharsis from that. Inspired by Erwin Schrodinger's thought experiment involving a cat, radiation, and poison I built a box to contain my own uncertainties. I wanted to join it with something interesting, so I figured some 3...
  19. Walnut, live edge end table

    I posted a blog about the process on this one. Saved from a firewood pile (walnuts just too good to burn).
  20. Glowing River Redwood Slab Coffee Table

    I just finished and delivered this coffee table this morning. I built it for my school's annual fundraiser dinner and auction. I teach 7th/8th grade Language Arts at a great little charter middle school called River Middle School (Thus the river in the table). The last couple years they have...
1-20 of 500 Results