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  1. RSG Entertainment Armoire | Custom

    This is the entertainment armoire that I build to match all the other items for RSG. It was placed directly opposite the Murphy bed in the room and had a corner desk connected to it also. In this one room I had the armoire, the Murphy bed and two desk. For the TV section I used pocket doors...
  2. Entertainment Center

    Red Oak ECenter, Holds over 200 DVD's, Plenty of other storage, Adjustable for an even bigger TV.
  3. Red oak Ecenter

    Another entertainment center, This one fits in a corner, and will hold a much bigger tv. The mistake I made on this piece is that it is all one piece. I had to take off both the storm door and the front door just to get it in the house. Dark red mahogany stain on red oak, bi-fold doors. next...
  4. Bjorne Ironside

    A Viking figurine made in a slightly different style than usual. I Called it Bjorn Ironside, something like there is. The tree is Sapele, my first attempt at carving it
  5. Quartersawn Oak Entertainment Center

    Made from quartersawn red oak, 22 individual pieces, stained with General Finishes "Black Cherry". Took 3.5 years to build (part time). The wife didn't think I would ever get it done.
  6. Some furniture pieces I made earlier.

    First one has doors to hide the junk LOL For my eldest daughter. Secon is a bookcase for video storage.. he liked it so much ordered another one,, was very way off on the quote,. but I just had to eat the loss. [ did it for cost.. oh well] This last pic is the second piece I was allowed to...
  7. Entertainment Unit

    This is and entertainment unit I made for a friend. It is made of birch, stained red walnut and finished with lacquer.
  8. Barn Board Corner TV Center

    My sister needed a corner entertainment center for the surveying business. I had an old sauder one I fished out of the dumpster during college. This is a duplicate of that dumpster TV center. All the boards are reclaimed barn elm and ash (Mostly elm). Adjustable corner shelves and pull out...
  9. A very poplar foot stool

    Well this is my first foot stool. I needed one that could sit in front of the bathroom sink and allow the door to open/close. So I went to my spare wood stack and I chose to use this poplar wood. The only new technique I used was to put a dowel between each leg and the middle piece to ensure it...
  10. Enterainment Center

    My first attempt at designing something bigger then a jewelry box or little table. Quarter sawn oak, center speaker bay behind the walnut grill slats, custom beveled glass doors. Learned a lot about what not to do on this one.

    When I posted my Bedroom Built-in Armoires, I learned from some of the pros that I had saved several thousand dollars by building them myself. Since we often see very large-screen TVs in beautiful entertainment centers on here (or even installed in the footboard of a bed), we wanted to keep up...
  12. TV Cabinet with Reclaimed Barn Door Hardware

    This is a fun project I did for a customer that wanted to do a simple outdoor cabinet for their flat screen tv. The cabinet is made of MDF. I laminated 1/2" pieces together to give it the paneled look and to increase the strength. The hinges are Blum 170° Full Overlay euro hinges and I used 3...
  13. Alder Dresser

    Wife wanted a new dresser/TV stand for the bedroom and wanted it in Alder. The original plan was to distress it, but she changed her mind and we ended with this. Also made the jump to all water based finishes. This was a "custom" blend of WB dye stain with WB poly topcoat.
  14. Entertainment Center

    This build took a little longer than expected (I am sure no one here has ever said that). It was the first large project I tackled. Everything was built out of 3/4" and 1/2" blondewood plywood and 1×2's. I used pocket holes for all the joinery. The finish is Rustoleum Kona stain with a light...
  15. Nintendo Entertainment System #2

    I took an old Nintendo Entertainment System top loader design and gutted the parts. I then built and replicated the old classic front loader design and installed it so this thing is 100% functional. This is my 2nd iteration of building one of these and I ironed out a lot of the little stuff that...
  16. Entertainment Center

    I built this a few years ago for my house. 3/4 oak ply with oak edging. Custom blended stain from SW, and a couple coats of poly.
  17. Built-in Media Center

    While meeting with our client I made several sketches on their wall. If you have looked at any of my Projects this should sound familiar… lol I took a picture of the final sketch and headed home. I then came up with several versions, using SketchUp, for our clients to view. Here is the final...
  18. Hickory Entertainment Center

    This was something I made about 6 years ago. I should have posted pictures when it was empty but forgot. It's all hickory on the outside and 1/2" plywood on the back, bottom etc… I used smoked glass for the door panels so that the remote would(wood:) work with the doors closed but the...
  19. Game Time!

    This fall's pet project was a video arcade that plays the games of the generation I grew up in - the 70s and 80s. I took a number of photos with my cell phone, but about a week ago I decided to throw it in the wash with my laundry. As a result, I have only a few stray pics from the construction...
  20. Nintendo Entertainment System #3 and #4

    I took an old Nintendo Entertainment System top loader design and gutted the parts. I then built and replicated the old classic front loader design and installed it so this thing is 100% functional. This is my 3rd iteration of these consoles. I have now added the little wood dust covers that sit...
21-40 of 143 Results