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  1. Walnut Entertainment Center

    Walnut entertainment center, this is piece two of three for my brother in law. It matches the coffee table I made earlier. You can see the coffee table "in situ" in the last picture. This was a big project… Literally (it's 6" longer than my workbench, making assembly rather challenging!) and...
  2. Cherry Widescreen TV Stand

    Completed May 2005. After purchasing a widescreen TV, I opted to make a stand that matched my end table and coffee table. I incorporated the same design elements from the previous tables to include the top edge profile, fluted legs, and beaded frame members. Side panels are normally...
  3. Entertainment Center

    I built this entertainment center for my son and daughter-in-law as a house warming gift after they bought their first new home. They have a wall that is 14 ft wide with a 9 ft ceiling in the family room. This entertainment center is about 9 ft wide and 7 ft tall and fits well against such an...
  4. 60" Entertainment Center with Electric Fireplace insert

    Made of oak except for the unseen internal parts which are popular. The back is 1/8" hardboard with 1/8" pegboard over the insert area. The shelf with the DVD player on it is cut approx. 1 1/2" short for air flow also.It is stained English Chestnut with an overcoat of Gunstock.
  5. Entertainment Center

    I designed this pice if 9th grade of highschool! Not one of my favorites but looks great in the house. This is built out of pine!
  6. LARGE Entertainment Center

    Here is something I just completed, colors are something that I'm new to but I think It came out alright. I used ebony dye and polyurithane, in the future I think I'll try and find a different option though.
  7. TV Entertainment Center

    I moved into my house about a year ago. I needed a place to put my soundbar, cable box, blu ray player, and gaming system. I made this out of pine then painted it black. I created a tube to hide cords and painted it the same color as the wall. Hides the cords fairly well.
  8. entertainment center for a customer

    An entertainment center for a customer
  9. Cherry Enertainment Center/ Mantle

    The Vickers Project This cabinet is made of cherry plywood, solid cherry face frame and inset raised panel doors. It doesn't look like much but a true woodworker knows it's what you can't see that matters. Dado-ed and rabbited, Mortise and tenon joinery instead of pocket screws, biscuit...
  10. Tailgate TV Console (on Truck Cargo Carrier)

    This is the first official 'woodworking' project that I have completed. I have been working with wood for a several years but mostly building decks and finishing the basement. This project came out of a need for a TV to watch while we tailgate in Athens at UGA games. It's essentially a 3/4"...
  11. Quartersawn Red Oak Entertainment Center

    This is my attempt to build an entertainment center, by far the largest size project I've attempted (which is probably why it took most of this year for me to build). I really like Greene and Greene furniture, so I used that style as the inspiration for this project. The face frame and drawers...
  12. Where it all began...

    ... well almost. This is the SECOND project I ever built. The first was an aquarium stand done in the same style to get my feet wet (apologies for the horrible pun). Like many of us, I started woodworking out of a perceived necessity with dilusions of saving money and getting exactly what I...
  13. Finally Finished Entertainment center

    Here are a few pictures of my completed entertainment center. It is made of Curly Maple, Black Walnut, and Cherry. The finish is English Chestnut with 5 coats of wipe on poly finish satin.
  14. My Little entertainment center

    Made this cabinet over the course of a year, due to working on other projects all the time. It's 12' long and almost 8' tall…solid red oak. Holds everything!
  15. TV Stand

    My eldest stepson got a new TV and gifted us with his old one, which was too wide for our existing entertainment center (a second hand cheap particle board big box special). So I built a new one. Nothing fancy. It's 1/2 inch birch plywood and resawn common pine from Home Depot, held together...
  16. Poplar Simple Tv Stand - Classic Gray Stain

    This Tv stand has become one of my favorite pieces i've put together. A lot of planning went into this project. For over a year we had our tv on an Ikea coffee table. It was about time to replace it with a nice piece. I designed the stand myself using Illustrator. The entire project cost about...
  17. Entertainment Center Construction Photos

    These photos show some of the construction of the entertainment center that I built for the Cooper House. I was asked a few times if I made this on a CNC machine and my reply at the time was, "Nope, I drew it by hand and I made it by hand. I don't even own a computer." And it was true, at the...
  18. Bar / Wine Rack / Entertainment Center

    BUILT BY MY UNCLE This is in my fathers house. Everything pretty much speaks for it's self. The counter top is Avonite solid surface. The TV shelf pulls out and turns from side to side. The grain matches on the drawer faces, and the base.
  19. Entertainment Center

    Made this a couple of years ago, The entertainment center stands 6' H x 4' W. My basement ceiling is 6' 3" high with lots of pipes and duct work lowering the height even more. The lion heads I found at target in the lawn and garden section, they were hose reels. Then I just built a bookshelf...
  20. Entertainment Center

    This is a picture of an Oak et center I made for our bedroom.
1-20 of 329 Results