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  1. Bob's Desk

    This is Bob's Desk. Bob is a computer engineer who wanted a very cool desk for his 50th birthday. He came to me wanting a red concrete desk and came away with this. It is made of Tiger wood, Wengé, Jatoba steel and concrete. I am honored with the gift of designing and building it. To see more...
  2. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi all, I'm restoring a 20" AMT Monarch bandsaw. I may have to replace the motor. The original likely dates to the 1960's or earlier, and it was likely a replacement to begin with. It's a giant 5hp 3-phase industrial motor, and unsure if it works, though I plan to test it - it was working...
  3. Blogs
    BUILDING MY TOY SAW A CABINET, OUTFEED TABLE, AND MORE Here are some more photos showing the progress of my saws cabinet. It fits perfectly where it's supposed to then when I connect the outfeed table and Biesmeyer style fence to it there should be no problem with maintaining...
  4. Blogs
    Some Chinese Woodworking The woodworking community buzzes about Japanese woodworking (though i wish it would so so more!), but what about Chinese woodworking? It's hard to find info, but this is close. In this Nova programme, Bashar Altabba, an an engineer from Boston, and Marcus Brandt, a...
  5. Blogs
    How About This For A Pipe Bender Not woodworking but no doubt this will be of interest to many.
  6. Woodworking Skill Share
    Karson mentioned this handbook in a comment he posted on a bending machine someone had posted here, so I looked it up, and was amazed at the amount of information held in this book. from structural characteristics of different wood species, to milling, staining, deceases, infections, drying, and...
1-8 of 8 Results