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  1. End Grain Cutting board

    I made my cutting board out of white birch, walnut, and mahogany. I did a checked pattern of birch and walnut, with mahogany on the edge. I used a mineral oil finish.
  2. Endgrain cutting board

    My endgrain cutting board made with walnut, white birch, cherry and hickory wood which I topped off with a mineral oil finish.
  3. End grain cutting board

    Made this in woods class. The wood I used was walnut, white birch, and hickory and put 5 coats of mineral oil finish.
  4. Endgrain Wooden Cutting Board W/ Oil Finish

    Pattern design on cutting board made up of various woods found in the shop. Completed with mineral oil finish.
  5. Endgrain desk clocks (Oak & Purpleheart)

    Nothing particularly unique about these, but I'm happy with how they turned out. Outsides are oak, insides are purpleheart. Sanded to 220 and covered with 3 coats of wipe on poly.
  6. End Grain Hall/Sofa Table (Completely Reclaimed)

    This was an experiment to see if it would look okay. It did. I learned a lot from this table. Firstly, end grain is a huge hassle to glue up. Make sure you have enough clamps to keep the ends from curling up while the glue dries. Secondly, even though the barn wood may look straight does...
  7. Cutting Board

    It's a cutting board made from care and well made
  8. A Board For Cutting (my first)

    My wife happend to spot a few really nice cuttingboards from you all on this site while looking over my shoulder one day…and then challenged me to make one as her Christmas gift. I love a good challenge-So i went out right out and purchased the Hard Maple & Purpleheart lumber. The biggest...
  9. Cutting Board

    Here is my first cutting board. I made it with some scraps of cherry and walnut along with some maple from the firewood pile. Can I join the club now? Is there a secret handshake?
  10. Some of my recent endgrain cutting boards

    I figured it was time to share with y'all fine Lumberjocks some of the endgrain cutting boards I've completed recently. Some of these have already sold, some are still listed for sale, and of course there are several more incomplete ones waiting for me to get off the damn computer and finish them
  11. Double bookmatched cutting board

    Here are my latest cutting boards. Pics 1,2,3,&4 are what I call a double bookmatched board. Final dimensions are 14"x20"x2". It was made by assembling a bookmatched board with dimension of 7"x20"x4" then cutting it in half to do the second bookmaching. I have been playing around with this...
  12. Another endgrain big block butcher block

    I failed to take photos of this one before I gave it to the customer. Since he is a coworker, I asked him to take a few photos of this one in its native state (he leaves it on his cook top unless he is using the middle burners). It's made of cherry, walnut, osage orange and black locust. I had a...
  13. Big Block end-grain cutting board - cherry, flamed box elder, maple

    The is a fairly standard (at least for me) big block cutting board made from 3" turning stock (except for the maple). The customer hand selected the flamed box elder pieces and was very involved in the design process. The final board is 1.125" thick, 19" long and 13.25" wide. I love the way that...
  14. Endgrain Cutting Board

    Here is the endgrain cutting board I made in shop class. It is made of Walnut, White Birch, Cherry, and Hickory. I coated the board with Mineral oil for a darker finish.
  15. Endgrain Cutting Board

    I made this cutting board in woods class at my high school. I used walnut, white birch, cherry, and hickory wood. At the end of the project we sanded the wood and put mineral Finnish on the boards.
  16. Endgrain cutting board

    I made this i woods class out of walnut and white birch and used a mineral oil finish.
  17. End grain Cutting board

    Walnut, white birch, cherry,hickory, mineral oil finish
  18. End grain cutting board

    Used walnut,white birch, cherry, and hickory. I used mineral oil to finish
  19. Endgrain Cutting Board

    This is my cutting board. I used white birch, walnut, and cherry wood for my project. I sanded it down, and added a mineral oil finish.
  20. Endgrain cutting board

    I used walnut, white birch and cherry and used a mineral oil for my finish.
1-20 of 334 Results