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  1. End Grain Cutting Board

    2 Cutting boards I was able to make from some lumber I purchased. Actually got a smaller long grain board out of the wood as well. 1st pic is after glue up and a bunch of sanding 2ns pic is one board completed with Boos Block oil. Food grade, purchased through a restaurant I work in. 3rd pic...
  2. My try at a cutting board

    This is my first attempt at making an end grain cutting board. Also, my first attempt at a detailed inlay. The wood used is Cherry and Maple. The inlay is Walnut. Finished with Salad Bowl Finsh. It is a birthday gift for my sister, "D" for Daniela. Sorry for the fuzzy pics, taken with my cell phone.
  3. End Grain Maple Cutting Board

    This End Grain Maple Cutting board was a commission for a client who hosts a lot of parties in Arizona. The design element is reflective of Arizona art styles with Aztec influence. The board measures 14×14x2.5 inches and is made from Hard Maple. The first three pics are prior to mineral oil...
  4. End Grain Cutting Board Initiation to LJS

    This was part of my first run of End Grain cutting boards. I learned a lot about working with hardwoods and end grain, especially the sanding part. Thanks for all of the inspiration LJ'ers.
  5. End Grain Cutting Board

    This is a Wood Whisperer design end grain cutting board. Made with 8/4 Maple and Purple Heart Sanded up to 180 Grit and finished with 2 coats of Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner The PurpleHeart really darkened up when finished. Any ideas how to keep the colour? Same thing happens to me when I...
  6. Joining the club with a few cutting boards

    I have heard that to be considered a real woodworker, you must first make a cutting board. I have made some other pieces of furniture, but just got around to making a couple cutting boards. The first cutting board is the notorious wood whisperer design. Makes a beautiful cutting board.
  7. The Arbor

    Fence Phase 2… The Arbor It's been a year since I built the fence and since it hasn't fallen over (yet) I felt it was time to move on to the next phase. Da little women has always planned for an arbor, so time to get started. Doing the work by myself, I enlisted the help of The Third Hand...
  8. Cafe Wall Cutting Board

    Cutting Boards are something new for me, been doing them about two months now. I always thought they were pretty neat, but had no desire to build them until I got accepted as a vendor at the local farmers market. They have been super popular, but I like to try to make them all a bit different...
  9. Some random cutting boards

    Here are a few cutting boards I have finished lately. I am new to making them, been doing it for about two months now after being accepted as a vendor into the local farmers market. My real love is box making, but there is no one in my area that makes any cutting boards, so the market is wide...
  10. end grain cutting board - Maple, Walnut, purple heart and Jarrah

    so this is my second end grain cutting board. unfortunately i lost a bit of the colour after oiling it.
  11. 3D end grain cutting board

    Was given free reign to build an extra large end grain cutting board. Finished size ended up at 24"x23.5". Lost count on how many glue ups were involved, but there were quite a few. Walnut, cherry, maple and paduk finished with mineral oil/beeswax mix.
  12. End Grain Cutting Board / Coffee Pour Over Station

    Hi Lumberjocks - been a few weeks but excited to post this project! If you like coffee, chopping up food, or just having a cool all in one station to do both, then you'll enjoy this little DIY project I made over the past week. Hope you enjoy my goofy face!
  13. 1st End Grain CB's, Spalted Maple and Walnut

    These are my first end grain cutting boards. Learned a lot! Walnut and spalted maple, the spalt left patterns almost like marble. Finished with General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish, pretty satisfied (more so with the finish than some of minor minor sanding lines, but hey, it's a cutting board). If...
  14. Another End Grain Cutting Board

    Based on my first experience, tried to make improvements. Basic plan is from the Wood Whisper and the wood is hard maple and purpleheart purchased from Bell Forest Products. I used a basic salad bowl finish, three coats with the first coat thinned with mineral spririts. Decided to make...
  15. End grain cutting boards

    This project was an 18th anniversary gift for my wife. The second one was also special because I got to pass on the craft to a friend while mentoring him on the methods. He was very dangerous with tools but after server all safety lectures has a heathy respect for power tools now. My teaching...
  16. "Chaotic" end grain cutting board

    This style board has been on my "to do" list for awhile now. There are various methods to achieving the chaotic look. I used the method similar to MTM wood, making a slight angled cut, then creating slices. The more slices, the more chaotic it becomes. You loose a lot of material with a project...
  17. The Shining cutting board

    All work and no play… This endgrain cutting board was made to mimic the carpet in The Shining. Made from walnut, padauk and cherry. Finished with mineral oil and beeswax.
  18. XL Butcher Block End Grain Cutting Board

    Here is the cutting board that I made the router sled / jig for. This is a Christmas gift for some good friends. :) Watch Video Here
  19. first of 5 Shop scrap cuttingboards

    Somehow I often manage to collect a seemingly endless supply of narrow strips of lumber piling up in the corner of my shop. So periodically I drag it out of the corner and put together a few end-grain cutting boards. This is the first of 5 that I was able to put together while cleaning out the...
  20. Large Cutting Board

    A commissioned end grain cutting board of Hard Maple and Jatoba 16"x 28"x 1.5". New for me this time was trying out something new that the Jacksonville Woodcraft was carrying which I liked a lot "Chobs". They worked out really well and I didn't have to worry about feet or finger holds getting...
1-20 of 123 Results