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  1. Projects A well earned thank-you

    A little over a week ago I met with a group of retired shipyard workers for a monthly breakfast. One of the group had shared in the past about his once held desire to work with wood. Life’s circumstances had prevented him from doing so unfortunately. Although he had told me that he had an...
  2. End Grain Top, A true labor of love

    I have had the opportunity to build several, end grain, butcher block cutting boards when a close friend asked if i could make a counter top for a kitchen island. The process is the same, but it is considerably more work to build a larger top…especially in a small shop like mine. I was...
  3. Brett

    This hollow form vessel is turned from end grain, fiddle back maple. It measures approximately 6 inches tall by 5 inches wide. It is finished with aniline dyes and wipe-on poly. All comments and critiques are welcomed and appreciated.
  4. Ash End Grain Cutting Board

    This is an ash end grain cutting board I made for my mom's surprise 60th birthday party. It's large, roughly 16.5" square and about 1.5" tall. As usual, it took more time than expected but I'm very happy with the end product. She has a tendency to not want to use her nice kitchen stuff, so I...
  5. Mother's Nature

    This hollow form vessel is turned from end grain hackberry crotch. It was illustrated with prisma color markers and finished with Krylon Crystal Clear flat acrylic. It measures approximately 7.5 inches tall by 4 inches wide. All comments and critiques are welcomed and appreciated.

    You might remember when I exploded my first attempt at making a cutting board. I ran it through the planer once, no problem, second time BOOM! It was a poor clue up and I learned from the lesson. Tonight I was doing some cleaning of my shop and found the pieces in a trash bin. I hate to throw...
  7. 14"x14" Cutting Board

    This is an end grain butcher block cutting board, built for a friend. It is made of rock maple with brazilian cherry accents. Finished with several coats of mineral oil. Thanks for viewing.
  8. Purple Rain

    I've had a few requests for dyed vessels with more subdued coloration. This is my first attempt at keeping the layers and depth, without the vibrant colors. I am curious what others think of this coloration. This hollow form vessel measures approximately 6.25 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide. It...
  9. Another cutting board

    Here's another end-grain cutting board made of Purpleheart and White Guayana Rosewood. Finished it with butcher block conditioner (mineral oil and beeswax). Thanks for looking and all comments welcome.
  10. Two more cutting boards

    These cutting boards are identical and were a LOT more complicated than any previous ones. The woods are: White Limba, Purpleheart, Black Cherry, and Brazilian Cherry. They were made for my Mother-in-Law and my wife's aunt for last Xmas. They LOVED them! Thanks for looking and as always, all...
  11. Mick

    This hollow form vessel is turned from end grain maple. The opening is the beginning of my journey carving on hollow forms. The vessel measures approximately 4.75 inches tall by 5.25 inches wide. It is finished with aniline dyes and wipe-on poly. All comments and critiques are welcomed.
  12. Walnut End Grain Cheese Block

    I normally saw lumber and build furniture, but I got in the shop recently and built some little odds and ends that I had been wanting to make for a while. I've already listed my tortilla press, but here is an end grain block I made as well. I really like the contrast of the white sapwood with...
  13. Bu Do

    This is the newest addition to my custom jewelry boxes. Bu-Do continues this series of sculptures that ties the medallion on top with the drawers. In this piece the drawer fronts and the inlay on top are all cut from a single slab of Spalted Maple lumber. The Honduran Mahogany case and maple...
  14. Dreamer

    This hollow form vessel is turned from end grain maple. It measures 9.5 inches tall and is 6 inches wide. It is finished with aniline dyes and wipe-on poly. All comments, especially critiques, are welcomed and appreciated.
  15. Christmas Gifts

    I was commissioned to make a pair of boards which were to be given as Christmas gifts, so they have been done for weeks now, but I needed to wait to post. End grain board is Cherry, Maple, and Purple Heart…. 2" thick, and 12" x 15" The matching edge grain board is Maple and Purple Heart. I...
  16. Christmas cutting boards

    I did the cutting board thing for Christmas too. I think I made 13 or 14 in all. I did most of them wood whisperer style, then started experimenting with some different variations. The wood species are maple and walnut and maple and cherry. Both finished w salad bowl finish. I really didn't...
  17. End Grain Cutting Board (Woodwhisperer Style)

    You know them, you love them… One more Wood Whisperer cutting board. This is going to a friend of mine who is a great cook and took up cooking for my family since my wife went on bed-rest due to pregnancy complications. While picking up a dinner one night, I saw that she was using a old piece of...
  18. Walnut End Grain Block

    Probably our finest product? You decide!,-accessories-and-serving-dishes./Chopping-Boards/End-Grain-Blocks/80mm-Black-Walnut-Butchers-Block A...
  19. Redline

    This hollow form vessel is turned from end grain elm. It measures approximately 6.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide. It is finished with acrylics. All comments and critiques are welcomed and appreciated.
  20. My first end grain cutting board.

    This was my first attempt at an end grain cutting board, made from walnut and maple. I made two at the same time, one for the better half and one for a future gift. I even had to use epoxy to fill a few spots but it turned out alright. I used the Wood Whisperers plans.
1-20 of 500 Results