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  1. Carved,Burned & Painted Kokeshi Doll

    Sorry about the quality of pics,I can only think it's the swimming pools of coffee I consume on a daily basis that are making things so blurry! Anyway,this is one of my turned,carved,burned & painted Kokeshi Dolls.She is a solid billet of Scottish Sycamore that was first roughly hewn from a 9...
  2. Little Staked Table

    I blogged about the building of this little staked table so if you want details of the construction, that's probably the best place to go. Briefly, the table consists of turned ash legs, staked into two pine battens, which are attached to the bottom of the pine top. Finish was three coats of...
  3. 4 drawer childrens dresser - 2 day project

    We are expecting child #2 in May, so it is time to consolidate our boy's separate toy room and bedrooms into one room. A while back I built a hunter green tall dresser with clearcoated knotty pine drawer fronts for my wife that now resides in our basement. Our son informs us that he does not...
1-3 of 3 Results