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  1. Cut A Perfect Elliptical Top with this Easy to Build all be it some what Mystifying Jig :)

    Video Link: This Simple yet some what confusing jig is a great way to cut perfect elliptical tops. Commercial ones are available if you know where to look. but like I always say "why buy when you can build". Never Miss an opportunity to develop new skills.
  2. Contrivance, a modular mechanism machine

    Contrivance is a modular wooden mechanism machine with a virtually endless amount of configuration possibilities. This mechanical demonstrator is more than just gears; it has nine different mechanisms to mix, match, and move. It's a do-it-yourself Rube Goldberg machine. Contrivance began as a...
  3. Elliptical Quartersawn Sapele Coffee Table

    This is a table I built for myself. The top was made originally for a restaurant, but the size did not work out. I was able to get it for free, knowing that I would eventually build a base for it to be my coffee table. It sat atop a base from another table for a while, what I call...
  4. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Guys, I'm working on an assembly table using the wood whisperers for inspiration. I'm wondering what is the most solid way I can attach the top to the base? I still have not decided what exactly the base will look like so I'm open for any input. Thanks Pat
  5. Focus on the Workspace
    I just ran across this. It seems like an idea whose time is right to move to the US. It would be a great way to share shop space and share skills, as well as the other social benefits. Of course the lawyers might have a field day . . . AMSA Website
1-5 of 5 Results