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  1. Bedside lamp stands

    These bedside lamp stands are one of the first projects that I started with, I made them out of Pine on a home made lathe that my father bought in the 70's it had cast iron Singer sewing machine legs for the bench and an old 1/3 HP motor swung at the back and when it ran at high speeds the...
  2. Steampunk Master Control (sculpture)

    Created to complement the new decor of the teen section at our local library, this piece is designed to trigger youthful imagination. Cabinet is mahogany and the embellishments are all found, old, or obscure excepting the knife switches which were sourced on ebay. Apx 62×25 x 15 inches. Three...
  3. Finished Workbench

    Just finished up my workbench Finally finished my workbench this weekend. Wagon Vise (Veritas Shoulder Vise Screw) on the right end, Wilton on the left, and a 7"x8"x1/2" A36 Steel Anvil Plate inset. The front working section is 12" deep 6' long. The back is 10"x6' Undercarriage is Red Cedar...
  4. Dogwood Urn

    Made of spalted Dogwood. It is 15" high and 7" dia. Finished with oil and buffed.
  5. Decoration for V-Bert

    When we've purchased our 32' sailboat named "Lindisfarne" several years ago, it needed some work, both interior and exterior. A front sleeping compartment(known as V-Bert on sailing vessels) needed to be re-finished. Afterwards I noticed some emptiness around mirror on the back wall and carved...
  6. Not just a bookshelf

    Not just any old bookshelf. The minute we moved into our house I knew I wanted to build this. It is a replacement door for the cold room under the stairs. What house would be complete without a secret door, eh? If I can only talk my wife into having a fireman's pole from the living room to...
  7. Loft clothes rack

    An industrial clothes rack, maybe a Loft. Made of natural pine bar, sometimes you can even see the natural (not imitation) traces of bark beetle and joiner's clamps, which have passed the fire and flame and in this hanger found their second life
  8. Base for a sectional couch

    Had a couch reupholstered and I wanted to change the base/legs. The old couch was on legs and my dogs would crawl under and were hard to get out if they didn't want to! Also, I wanted to lift the couch a bit higher to make it easier to get off of. The new base is 1/4" walnut plywood wrapped...
  9. Built to last - I hope

    Bird houses are alway fun and functional. Unfortunately, mother nature takes its toll on them. I thought if I'm going to spend the time building one I want it to be able to hold up to the elements. I built this at the beginning of spring. The core is plywood I had laying around. The pop can...
  10. Walnut stool

    Made a stool to match the crib, changing table and diaper station The top is MDF, and the rest is Walnut. The braces on the bottom are simply glued on, they are mostly for handles while picking it up and decoration. Links to the rest of the project Crib Changing Table
  11. Rhodium and Ebony Americana Pen

    This is an Americana style pen. The pen is made using a nice Craft Supplies Rhodium roller ball kit. I'm not sure the pictures do this pen justice. This is the second of four I made for retiring co-workers.
  12. Native American

    This is just one of many of my woodburns that I am working on at the time. Please comment. Thank you and have a great day!!!
  13. Cherry pierced bas-relief carving

    Over two decades ago I found a piece of clip art based on one of THE CRUSADES. Wow, knights, villains, swords, shields, whats not to like. I said "One day I'll do something with that". That day came in 2012. I chose a piece of 1/8th" cherry. Transferred the pattern and found out Cherry is...
  14. Wedding Kneeler

    Here is a wedding kneeler I built this spring for our church. It is made out of mahagony (to match the sanctuary) with a walnut cross in the middle. I have never made anything like this before, I had a great time figuring out how this would all go together. Uner the pad where people kneel is an...

    saw a picture on the web a few years ago, about one inch square ,the only one i could find, and this is the result ,he love's it
  16. Jaguar Cane

    I thought id be pretty sweet to incorporate some of my woodworking into the graduation ceremony. So I made this cane to walk down the aisle with. Everyone at school knows me as the woodworker. So no one was surprised. haha it turned a lot of head. I turned the shaft out of black walnut and Added...
  17. Workbench (shopmade)

    My very first woodworking project was to build a workbench. I chose a plan that would not bee too difficult for a beginner without a lot of tools but be sturdy enough to last. I then added a dual-screw tail vise.
  18. Fireplace Mantel

    Hello Group, Here are a few pictures of the fireplace mantel I built for our home. The complete mantel is out of white pine, painted to match the trim in the living room. The panels are made using typical frame and panel construction. Our living room had windows on either side of the fireplace...
  19. Memorial Flag Case

    This is a flag case that I gave to my Grandmother for Christmas this year to display my late Grandfather's flag. He was in the Marine Reserves for 30 years, and served in the Korean War. This was my second woodworking project, and definately the most involved so far. I learned a lot...
  20. Wine bottle balancer

    I know the wine bottle balancer is not a big deal, but I am very green in the woodworking world and this is my first attempt. I am pretty happy about it. To top it off, my 5 year old son helped me! This is also the first of many projects that I hope to post.
1-20 of 167 Results