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  1. Tenor cigar box ukulele

    A friend of mine started a ukulele group and I thought I'd make one after she showed me some online plans for a cigar box uke. I built this one on a tenor scale (17"). I decided to use a neck-through design as that keeps some of the stress off the box itself. I looked at several soundhold...
  2. Black Walnut Wood Slab With Barn Siding For a Reception Desk in a Beauty Salon

    First at our Shop.. Then Installed and Decorated! PLEASE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK Thanks for the Support! :)
  3. Leaning Ladder Tower

    I've done plenty of DIY home improvement projects that included some level of minor woodworking, but this was my first attempt at a piece of "real furniture". It is a leaning ladder shelf of which I found the plans for in an old copy of Woodsmith magazine. I thought it would be pretty simple...
  4. Refurbishing a Tired Old Eggbeater Drill

    I was handed an old Craftsman Model Master that had a repaired broken crank handle with a missing knob, and a missing cap for the handle, and asked if I could turn new parts for it. Of course. I used some reclaimed cherry from a pallet (hence the staple holes), and turned a solid handle for the...
  5. Hand Tools
    Hello i am new in collecting old tools so i said to share my first buy and also see what you can tell me about the tools i got(date,manufacturer,etc). Before i start i want to say that i have not yet restored them because first i just got them and second i am still researching on how to restore...
  6. Hand Tools
    Hand drills. Augers. Bit braces. This is your new home. Show off yours!
  7. Blogs
    First Great Estate Sale Find! So I have recently gotten into woodworking and after being given a book dealing with only working with hand tools I have become pretty infatuated and decided to start to do a lot of "hand tool only" projects. This coupled with a budget and my wife's infatuation...
  8. Hand Tools
    I picked up this eggbeater drill for a few bucks while there and have been trying to research its lineage on different websites. I've come close to hitting the mark a few times but this one seems odd. I think it is a Millers Falls (#1 or #105) or at least Goodell Pratt but not sure...
1-8 of 8 Results