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  1. Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor

    USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor shadowbox I made for a retiring Master Sergeant.
  2. Eagle, Globe and Anchor display

    Eagle, Globe and Anchor display I built for a retiring Marine.
  3. Eagle Globe and Anchor Inser for shadow Box

    My first attempt at scrolling. Will upload pics of the finished shadow box when complete
  4. Eagle, Globe and Anchor Display

    Eagle, Globe and Anchor display I built for a LtCol in the Marine Corps.
  5. USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor

    USMC EGA for a retiring Marine. All individual pieces cut out, routered, sanded, and glued back together. Made mostly of pine with some walnut for the anchor tips and ring.
  6. self made woman

    Had this piece of bay I had picked up in the swamps after a logging operation. I started her and she finished. If faults are detected, then it's her's. No electric tools of any type used, only the small gouge, and my old pocket kiinfe. Original, camer out of my head and. I tell people who...
  7. Lions

    I really liked this picture, they look like they are about to go hurt something. Hate to be the object that they are stareing at! This one is hanging in my daughters den over her old worn out cedar chest. Done on oak, hard to burn on with a constant temp. burning iron, will get a blow out in...
  8. Marine EGA themed "Ammo Style" Chest

    Hand carved and burnt Marine EGA ammo style chest featuring flag display and two coin racks.
  9. Bomb plaque (2)

    Bomb plaque I made for a marine who was getting out. She wanted a pin up on it, and she had red hair herself so I figured Jessica rabbit would be nice. Everything is done with a mini router. No stencils, I just draw everything on and blast some music and get lost until I'm done. I had to draw on...
  10. Marine EGA Shadowbox

    Just Finished! This is a Marine EGA Symbol Shadowbox I was asked to build. It's solid Mahogany except for the eye and toes of the Eagle which are Walnut. The Eagle is done in the Intarsia Art form I enjoy doing! I used a real piece of rope thinking it would accentuate this project. I felt...
  11. EGA For Charity

    Was asked to make a few items for the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation charity golf tournament in Tampa. This is one of the items I made. EGA is carved from maple and mounted on a walnut plaque. Measure 12" across.
  12. Eagle, Globe and Anchor

    Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor that I built for a Marine. Very happy with the way that it turned out.
  13. Eagle, Globe and Anchor shadow box

    Eagle, Globe and Anchor shadow box that I was commissioned to build.
  14. Site Help and Suggestions
    gonna trade up from my hitachi cf10 to a new table saw and so far the Bosch 4100-09 is looking to be the best for the amount i can spend
  15. Wood & Lumber
    I am planning to build an English Garden Bench using mortise and tenon construction. Any recommendations for a wood and finish. Wanting to preserve the finish and avoid weathering.
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I do, and use a lot,(It cost me 80 bucks) but now,Calculated Industries has it for Android, for 20 bucks, with the same key board lay out The Construction Master Pro for Android from Calculated Industries AND: The Measure Master Pro for Android from Calculated Industries for 6 bucks, the...
  17. Blogs
    YouTube link Hi all! I'm about to embark on the video series I been asked several times to do. Here is the Link to my NEW YouTube page. It's empty now but I will start adding videos of the work that I do. I'm currently working on videos for the AF Symbol shadowboxes and the EGA display...
  18. Woodworking Skill Share
    How long does it take the mineral oil to soak the board? Once the oil has soaked into the board how do you get the board "dry" that is so that the oil does not come off on whatever you will be cutting on the board? Last question. How do I convince my wife to actually use the board as a cutting...
1-18 of 18 Results