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  1. Oak Book Case

    I made two Oak Book Cases
  2. Scalloped oak bowl

    I saw a vase with scalloped edges and thought it might look good on a bowl, but did not want to waste good lumber to find out. This is the end result. You can see this bowl being made at my web site
  3. Dresser

    The major repairs - konstruction, broken arched lid and dirt.
  4. My first Set of Kitchen Cabinets Complete

    Well guys, here it is. My first set of cabinets complete. A picture is worth a thousand words. They came out great, and I started today on my next set. I will say it is just a little more difficult than it looks, but all in all not bad for a chip of the block. Well the set I started today...
  5. Firewood Rack out of Scrap

    I made this rack out of leftover maple and walnut from a previous project as well as some leftover 1/2" square rod. I put the bottom of the rack about 2 or 3 inches up from the bottom so that i can vacuum under the wood or remove an water from melting ice. The finish is just a natural minwax...
  6. bathroom vanity

    A self designed vanity. I designed this for a line of bathroom cabinetry I tried to market. The line did not take off; however, this style has become popular with the nautical crowd. A smaller version of this went into a Russian oligarch's yacht. The windows are actually made with mdf bezels...
  7. kitchen renovation project

    Follow this link to my Facebook album.
  8. Economy plywood bowl, with a twist (proof of concept)

    Economy plywood bowl, with a twist (proof of concept) I turned this bowl just to demonstrate an idea (mainly to myself). Material: three 50×4x4cm (20×1.6×1.6") plywood boards, found in the dumpster. Really crappy - the plies have voids, the wood is rather soft… Proof of concept only, have I...
  9. Crooked Cedar Porch Swing

    My first Cedar porch swing can be seen in an earlier project posting. The lessons I learned from that first attempt are all incorporated here in this second one. This second swing was ordered from a woman who saw the first one but wanted a few changes. It was much easier to build and I didn't...
  10. Sapele Side Table Completed

    Well after a busy past few weeks at the day job and trying to get ready for the flood of family coming in, I did manage to get the side table finish completed. The finish is two coats of oil/poly blend, the several coats of shellac. I finished by wet sanding to 2000 grit, an automotive rubbing...
  11. Table that motion

    A few days ago, an elderly neighbor approached me in my garage shop, and asked if i knew where he could get pre-turned legs for a small table he wanted to build. I mentioned he might find some turned spindles at "CasaDePot", but he replied that he used to buy legs with bolts set in them, ready...
  12. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Check out this from the Wall Street Journal. Analyst says the mass market is dead.
  13. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Just before the last credit crisis a year and a half ago, the credit card companies started sending emails offering high interest rates on FDIC insured accounts. They seem to be starting again. I have had several in the last few days. I saw on the news the banks are repaying their bailouts so...
  14. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
  15. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    It is tough out there!! The economy is so bad that: I got a pre-declined credit card in the mail. I ordered a burger at McDonald's and the kid behind the counter asked, "Can you afford fries with that?" CEO's are now playing miniature golf. If the bank returns your check marked...
  16. Blogs
    Part 1 I keep getting a lot of private messages from Lumberjocks asking questions about my boards and selling at shows so I decided to start talking about my experiences this year and maybe it will help those who want start the show circuit or are trying to decide if it's for them. I consider...
  17. Blogs
    A Non-Woodworking Blog Post I just read through the posts on the thread Current Market for Everyone and it is making me think (I hate that). I've been somewhat of a side-liner when it comes to politics and the economy for a while now. I once thought myself to be very educated on both fronts...
  18. Blogs
    What is it about Etsy? I probably visit the Etsy website twice a year and for good reason. As a craftsman, there's something that repels me about it. Almost like i'm witnessing the devaluation and slow painful death of people who create things with their hands in real time. Don't get me wrong...
  19. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    This topic probably has more interest to the American LJs out there, though all feedback is appreciated… I would describe myself as more apolitical as I do not consider myself aligned with any political party right now. The economy is obviously in rough shape and I am not anxious to see it get...
  20. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Small Business under Current Tax Code - Any Questions? - The Economy on Stimulus - Any Questions?
1-20 of 23 Results