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  1. Eclipse photo frame

    Hey all! I made this picture frame to commemorate our viewing of the total eclipse this year (2017). The photo within is my own as well - it is a mosaic of images of the progression of the eclipse, totality, and then the exit 'diamond ring', above a view of both horizons during the eclipse...
  2. Jigs & Fixtures
    I just got an 9-inch Eclipse EWWQR9 quick-release woodworking vise for my new workbench. It seems like a very nice vise, but before I install it I'd like to know why the mounting surfaces (or what I am using as mounting surfaces) are out of square. I'm not talking about toe-in. I understand...
  3. Blogs
    What is your favorite iron and sharpening method AND why? What is your favorite iron and sharpening method AND why? After we had a few talks on Berthas 'what is your favorite hand plane' blog I decided we needed to go to next step. So please let us hear your thoughts show us pictures videos...
1-3 of 3 Results