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  1. Ebonized Oak Cutting Board with breadboard ends

    First time making breadboards, and first time ebonizing oak! 100% hand tools. It's pretty terrifying to rub steel wool and apple cider vinegar all over your finished project, but i'm happy i took the chance. Love how dark the finish turned out. I made a video of the process if anyone is interested:
  2. Keepsake Box

    For those fans of K.I.S.S. About the simplest box one can make. The idea here was to create negative space in which to highlight the stunning tones of this Pao Rosa, a.k.a. brazilian rosewood. I really had to fight the urge to add more detail here. Dimensions: 7cm X 14cm Pao Rosa and...
  3. Asian Jewelry Box

    This is a dual pupose project. It is a continuation of my "Interpreting Design" blog series and a last minute Mother's Day gift for my Mother-in-law. It's made of Birdseye maple and ebonized oak. The finish is sprayed lacquer. I ebonized the oak with a rust solution of steel wool in white...
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    Auction Events open for Bid Now! - 4 auctions . ================================ All assets of Casework Tech in Albuquerque, NM must be sold!!! . "TIMESAVERS "252-1 WIDE BELT SANDER (1-HEAD) 1-Head, 51" cap. - Combination head with 6" dia. contact roll & dual action finishing platen, 40 HP...
1-4 of 4 Results