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  1. A Mission Statement Studio, handmade tile, bought on eBay framed in arts and crafts style QSWO frame

    A Mission Statement Studio handmade tile link to website This one is for sale. Send me an email. ... Arts and Crafts Style Pagoda frame, Quarter sawn White Oak,with Honduran mahogany corbels, aniline dye, mahogany stain and seedlac shellac ... allot of great deals on ebay for studio and...
  2. Haunted Forest Tiles in porcelain framed in Quartersawn White Oak

    Titled: Another look into my Haunted Forest landscape in green Tiles are made from stoneware porcelain, fired to 2345 degrees Hunter green glaze recipe came from Laura Reutter, Founder of Ravenstone Tilesworks in Seattle All my tiles start as mahogany relief woodcarvings,then … made into...
  3. first commision piece using Sketchup ... Mission Oak Arts & Crafts Sconce

    First shot using Sketchup to flesh out a project. Plan is to batch six of these, selling the first one for $150 on commission and sell the balance on ebay for whatever the market will bare. Designed the piece loosely based on a Stickley pedestal found in one of my referance books. Size id 9×9x5...
  4. Mission Arts and Crafts framed stoneware Landscape tile THE CLEARING s/n 64

    Antiqued gold finish frame inspired by a violin maker I met on vacation in Ames Iowa a couple weeks ago. In addition to handcrafting and restoring violins he hung his own original paintings in his shop. This frame design is inspired by his framing work. Mortise and tennon constructed frame is...
  5. Gold-I-Light

    Inspired the night before. I personally love the pith in the middle of the shell. It mean so much. It is like an umbilical cord. The endgrain slab was the egg. The immediate outcome is my interpretation of the life that was born. Check it out on youtube. We had a blast! The turtle is in private...
  6. Quartersawn White Oak Zebrawood framed Dolls Head Porcelain Birger Sandzen Inspired Tiles

    Dolls Head Porcelain stone wear tiles … made the tiles a few years ago. White slip clay, very delicate in green state. I bought a gallon from a shop that was quitting business. This is was a fun pair of frames. Helped clean of my short pile and I entertained my self in the process. Tiles were...
  7. Quartersawn White Oak framed Bristlecone Tile wood and clay Bristlecone tile with acid bronze and iron oxide finish HOT ROD Quartersawn white oak, Mouse-Hole frame, made with pegged mortise and tenon construction...
  8. Agent Smith Scrollwork

    Good Morning, Mr. Anderson….......... As you can see, we've had our eye on you for some time now…........ Mr. Anderson. I still love The Matrix - more for Hugo Weaving's roll than any other. Agent Smith is a TRUE Bad-Ass! So, for the last couple of weeks whenever I would have a spare second...
  9. Cherry cubed wood accent tables, Stools, pedestals, or plantstands

    Cherry cubes. 10.75 tall & 12X12 on top… or 14X14 corner to corner on top. Spar urethane indoor - out door finish. Can be seen at
  10. Hand Tool Humidor

    This is going to be a Christmas gift for my Dad, to sit on his live edge Bubinga bar top (I'm not jealous, I swear). Turned out OK, but will withold final judgment until I know how well it holds humidity. Walnut with curly maple inlay on top (can't see the curl for the light, alas) with a...
  11. Canada Goose - SOLD

    The Canada Goose project is finally finished. It shouldn't have taken two months, but it did . . . no excuses. Each feather is drawn in with a pencil, knife outlined, then carved to slope down and under the feather in front of it. Then depending on how it turned out, I smooth the rough...
  12. Cedar Vase

    Cedar Vase Side walls less than 1/4" Lacquer finish.
  13. Not my normal project

    I'm actually a furniture builder, but in the spare time I manage to find time for one of the storage shed shown here. This is the 6th one I have build over the past 15 years. Made this one for my sister in Cadillac, Mich. I also told her if anyone ask the price for one $2500.00 to $3000.00...
  14. Hard Maple Slab Bench

    2" Slab seat, 1" slab back, fastened with screws covered with plugs. Finished with spar urethane.
  15. Coffee Table

    A coffee table inspired by George Nelson's bench that I made out of scrap wood. Oak, poplar, walnut, ply, mystery wood, etc. Turned the boards on edge, laminated together and had fun. Finished with shellac and gf's polyacryilic.
  16. Bristlecone pine landscape tile framed

    Framed stoneware tile. Antique bronze acid patina finish. Quartersawn white oak. All my tiles start as mahogany relief woodcarvings,then … made into plaster molds, pressed stoneware clay and kiln fired to 2375 This one is titled: Bristlecone tile
  17. Shut the box game

    Shut the box game made from birdeye Maple and Cherry.
  18. Building Raised Panel Arched Cabinet Doors

    Building Raised Panel Arched Cabinet Doors
  19. Butler's Pantry - Refinish & Rebuild

    The beautiful old-growth fir of the Butler's Pantry in our 1908 home was hidden under several coats of paint, the counter was covered with old formica that was full of holes, and the hinges were sprung. After hours of striping the many coats of paint, sanding, rebuilding the drawers and doors...
  20. Cherry Bedframe

    This is the matching Bedframe that goes with my son's bedroom furniture in his first apartment. I posted the nightstand and dresser here: The frame is solid cherry from some beautiful figured boards I found. The headboard is cherry with veneered panels...
1-20 of 93 Results