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  1. Itarsia/Inlay Key Fobs and Earrings

    Here are a few samples of an inlay/intarsia kick I've been on this summer. I had an upper respiratory infection for several weeks which kept me partially confined to my house. I did manage some time in my little workshop each morning before it got too hot in the day. These are the results of...
  2. Original project idea: Hidden treasure wood pendant and earrings

    I have come across a challenge from a lady in work that I have to turn a branch of tree god knows where she pick it up into something that is appealing and interesting. So, I pinched my daughter's nail polish and after an hour of search in Google for different nail beauty tips. I found this one...
  3. Earrings & Pendants

    As summer vacation is coming to an end I have been spending some of my free time putting the finishing touches on some jewelry pieces. School starts on Tuesday, so much of my free time will be eaten up by school projects instead of my own. Thanks for looking, Your comments are always welcome.
  4. Earrings

    This is the first time I've ever made earrings. These were embarrassingly easy to make. I may rethink my scrap wood policy and start saving tinier cutoffs! The wood is purpleheart and something else that I can't remember, It's reddish. Here's my blog entry on the process I used.
  5. Tiny Box and Earrings - Olive Wood

    There's not a long story to this one. I wanted to make something unique for my wife, so I decided to produce a tiny heart shaped box pendant with a matching pair of earrings. The second photograph shows a side view of the box, partially opened, and yes there's message inscribed within. The set...
  6. a box, a dish and earrings

    the box is made of 1/4" oak, and it cant get much simpler, just butt joints and an 1/8" plywood bottom the dish is carved from walnut, it was just a cutoff scrap, this made me realize i need a bent or spoon gouge if im going to make dishes and bowls the earrings are my second pair, made of...
  7. Earring Stand

    I made this for my wife for our anniversary after I realized that she keeps all of her earrings piled up on a tiny plate. It was our 5 year (wood) anniversary, which was pretty fortuitous. The base was African sapele scrap, routed with an ogee. The main support was a 1-1/4in poplar dowel that I...
  8. Zebrawood Jewlery

    This is some zebrawood jewelry I made for my wife a little bit ago. The inspiration came from an older 'Woodworking for Mere Mortals' video by Steve Ramsey. Easy project to do and it has become one of my wife's favorite sets of jewelry. The only difficult part is that the wood was prone to...
  9. Some wooden jewelry I finished

    These are photos of some jewelry I finished for my wife for Christmas. I'd like to take the credit for the glue up but I can't. I was poking around my local Woodcraft money pit and came across this design in a pen plank. With limited time before Christmas I decided to resaw the blank and cut...
  10. Tsunami Earring Box

    This is a commission I took from a person in Colorado. She had this old plastic earring holder which was falling apart, and saw my Bouquet of Hearts box, and saw that I could make a heart. Asked if I could duplicate the plastic thing. (See the last picture) Well, one thing led to another, and...
  11. Jewelry

    Bloodwood earrings. Originally I was making these to pair together as a finial. I didn't like it so I scratched it and made something else. Seemed they would make good earrings . . . :-)
  12. Earrings "Anchor"

    A gift to a good friend. Old style arrings - made like real old anchors. Cedar, beeswax. Jewerly wire. Also, new aging tree, ready for the next my work. All natural. Everything new wood!
  13. Syringa earrings

    Series of earrings made from Syringa vulgaris wood. Finished with mix of bees wax and carnauba wax.
  14. Jewelry Organizer

    I saw this idea online and decided it looked cool and functional, so I decided to make one! Happy to say my girlfriend now has a lot more hanging on it now. Comments are always appreciated. Oh, I forgot to mention… I actually just used a couple paint sticks you get at Lowe's or The Home Depot...
  15. Bubinga and Spalted Maple Earrings

    Some simple earrings I made for my wife. I like the idea of playing with different designs and even attaching stones or adding in some gold or silver, however, the work is so small and finicky that I may not explore this path of woodworking any further. That being said, she seems to like...
  16. Briefcase

    We made this a while ago, Dad made the box and i did the hinges, handle and other little stuff. made out of mahogany with rosewood accents. we use it take the earrings, bracelets and other little stuff to fairs and places where we sell those little things. You can see some of the things that...
  17. Elegant wooden earrings

    While I was making an Art Box for my girlfriend I was thinking what will she put in it. Of course she will put some jewelry as it is a small jewelry box. Instantly an idea came to my mind and this earrings came to existence. Earrings are made from Mahagoni, English Oak and Ash. For both looks...

    Oak earrings stands ordered by the lady who is making clay earrings for sale. Various types and dimensions, made with tableaw, bandsaw and on drillpress, finished with wood oil. Metal parts are 4mm brass rods.
  19. Snowman Earrings

    Snowman Earrings. Whitewood dowel, 1 inch tall, not counting the findings. Claude
  20. Earrings Galore

    I can't bring myself to toss interesting cut-offs away. I have found a way to use them up. EARRINGS! Wooden jewelry is HOT right now. These wooden gems are fun to make and lightweight and comfortable to wear. The above photos are in Paduak, Manzanita, Gaboon Ebony, Olive, Bloodwood and...
1-20 of 56 Results