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  1. Recent work

    I don't post as often as I should. Here is some recent work. Been experimenting with bookmarks and earrings in addition to the necklaces and boxes I have been making for quite some time. Bookmarks are glued up in blocks and thin strip ripped either on the bandsaw or tablesaw with a thin strip...
  2. Earring holder

    Sorry about the pics…not sure why they're loading sideways. Tried a few different orientations and they still come up sideways. Backstory to the project: I travel to Sitka, Alaska, from time to time and found a local artisans store. One jeweler in particular caught my eye and the SO loved them...
  3. Earring Box

    This is a box I made for a pair of earrings I bought for my wife for Christmas. This box was the most fun I've had with a project in a long time. Very simple in it's construction and very small. The box is red cedar and birdseye maple with a cherry lip to help seat the lid. Finish is shellac...
  4. Earrings from figured gum

    A pair of earrings turns from figured gum.
  5. Cherry Ear Ring Rack

    This was one of the first projects I finished after rekindling my interest in woodworking, and acquiring a shop full of tools and scraps from my Dad. These are small ear ring racks for young girls. These caught the eye of a co-worker and I later built a larger rack for the friend at work.
  6. Earring Holders

    Getting ready for a craft show … these are Walnut, Maple, and Cherry, about 6-1/2" high. Each will hold 12 pair of earrings, and each has a dish in the base to hold rings, watches, etc.
  7. Mahogany Earring Display

    This is an earring jewelry box I made for the wife. Made one years ago, but it needed a refresh. The frame is made from white maple, the slats and door is made from mahogany, and the back is 1/4" while maple paneling. The finish is 4 coats of General Finishes HP Satin Poly. Design was done in...
  8. Walnut Earring Display

    Here is the second (and last) earring display that I made for my wife's sister. The frame, slats, and necklace 'knobs' are made of soft maple, and the door is made of walnut. The door design is southwestern (cacti). Finish is 4 coats of General Finishes HP Semi. Chris
  9. Earring Box

    Not my best work to go with not my best week. A few days before my wife's birthday we found out she was going to inevitably have a miscarriage. After some thought about what I could get her for her birthday I in light of that news I went out to the jewelry store and found earrings with white...
  10. Rosewood Earrings: Series NO. 1

    see more of the story @ Series NO.1 Made from Brazilian Rosewood. Hardware is Sterling Silver which prevents tarnish and is 100% allergy free . Each is made from reclaimed wood from the furniture industry in North Carolina. Each is hand carved and sanded...
  11. Wine Stopper: Rosewood Series NO.1

    see more of the story @ Series NO.1 Made from Brazilian Rosewood Hardware is stainless steel Each is made from reclaimed wood from the furniture industry in North Carolina. Each is hand turned and sanded to a high polish. Each stopper is finished with at...
  12. Cheese Board: Walnut and Tiger Maple series NO.3

    see more of the story @ ----------------------------------------------- I recently made this cheese board for a friend of mine to go in his bar in his "man-cave". He challenged me to make a cutting board design that looked masculine but beautiful at the...
  13. Jewelry cabinet

    I promised my mom that I would make her a jewelry cabinet for Mother's Day. That was 2012. Planning phase had begun. I finally got around to purchasing some materials for it this January and finished it in time for Father's Day 2014. She absolutely loves it though so I think she's okay with...
  14. Earring Stand

    I can make all the jewelry boxes I want for my wife but she needed something more practical for her earrings. This is what she described. It is basically a frame with mesh stretched in the middle. Mahogany and purple heart. The whole think took about an hour.
  15. Earrings holder

    Hello This week I decided to turn some pieces of wood ( to forget all the storms : Ulla, ....) This picture (#6) : you can the violence of the sea. I was looking at the scraps wood and I have a question : " What I can turn with all the scraps wood?" The valentine's day is this week and I...
  16. Earrings

    This is a pair of earrings I made recently as a gift for my stepmother. I am not sure of the species of wood as it was from a piece of scrap wood that I bought of random wood cutoffs. I planed, cut, and shaped the wood by hand and finished them with 3 coats of lacquer.
  17. Catrina Jewelry Cabinet

    Well this one took much longer to finish up then I ever expected. But it's finally done. This was for my wife's birthday (now 11 months ago). The entire piece is about 20" by 20" by 6". Made from bubinga and some lovely spalted curly maple. Finished with oil/varnish blend wet sanded with 600...
  18. Woodworking Skill Share
    I can't claim this project, it belongs to my neighbor, and without a doubt I believe this is the best use of a reclaimed pallet ever devised. Do you agree?
  19. Woodworking Skill Share
    I am working on a project where I have no extra material. One thing I could not afford was any planer snipe. My pieces were only about 12" long and I was concerned about snipe ruining the piece. I usually can control snipe with longer pieces, but not always. I really did not want to have any...
  20. Blogs
    Initial SketchUp models Hi all, just a quick shout out to see what you think of these sketches…looking for some feedback before I start making sawdust. The first 3 pictures are of the same design from different angles, the 4th, 5th and 6th pictures are the same general design but with slight...
1-20 of 22 Results