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  1. Earring Holders

    Earring holders for upcoming holiday gifts and maybe some future craft shows. The bases are cut to hold rings, etc., and the tops are drilled to hold earrings. The smaller one holds 12 pair of earrings and is made from cherry … the larger one holds 18 pair of earrings and is made from walnut...
  2. Earring holders

    I saw a design similar to this somewhere, possibly on LJ and decided it would make a good christmas present for my mum. So I made the first one last year foolishly showing my girlfriend when it was finished. I'm sure many of you know why this was a mistake. For valentines I wanted to do...
  3. Walnut Earring Rack / Holder

    My li'l wifey-poo had me make an earring holder for her a few years ago and I figured I'd take a shot at upgrading the design for a sale item. The original was made from a pair of 3/4" dowels, vertical between two horizontal strips of poplar, and six 3/16" dowels horizontal between the side...
  4. Earring holders

    I made one of these for my girlfriend - then found that lots of other people wanted them - the standard one is about14" tall, but I have made seven-tier ones which hold 136 pairs of earrings (about 36" tall). The first picture is the original one that I made - the others are made from reclaimed...
  5. Rustic Jewelry Cabinet

    What's inside this cool little rustic package, you might ask? Open one door, and you can hang your earrings… another door and there hangs your necklaces, bracelets or anklets. And of cours the mirror on the outside. River rock not included…..:-) Pretty ingenious, I thought!
  6. Safety in the Woodworking Shop
    I purchased the Magswitch Workholding System Starter Kit (Item No. 152625) from the Woodcraft store in Mason, OH in September, 2012. I've used the device several times without incident. While using the featherboard earlier this week, I finished my cut on a pice of plywood on the table saw...
1-6 of 6 Results