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  1. Outdoor Table with Benches

    Douglas Fir all the way around. Stained with Early American from Miniwax finished with oil based spar urethane. 2×12's are table top, 4×4 legs, 2×4 frame. Bench tops made from 2×6's.
  2. the Turduckeneg of furniture

    It's a Table! It's a chair! no it's a storage chest? WTF is it? it's useful whatever it is. 17th century furniture type in a 14th century style. And 4 (or 5) games on the top!
  3. Rustic cabin gift box

    A rustic cabin gift box I made for a friend. She wanted something to like this to put a bottle of whiskey and a couple of shot glasses in for a gift. The roof lifts off and there is a box inside that lifts out that will hold those items. I made all of it from pine. A basic box. The log look...
  4. Deacon's Bench

    One of my dads first projects when he first started wood working. This was made with no plans.
  5. Turned Cherry Jack-be-Nimble Candlesticks

    These candlesticks are turned from Cherry, and are based on a project from Woodcraft Magazine. The finger ring on the Jack-be-Nimble style candlesticks is also Cherry. A small slot is cut in the side of the dish to accept the ring, and the joint is reinforced with a small dowel. I started out...
  6. Woodworking Skill Share
    I am posting this because I got a lot of good tips on the subject while trying to build some table legs. I hope this helps someone and saves you a lot of time and headache. I would consider myself a novice to intermediate woodworker. I'm trying to start a little side job and had a request to...
  7. Finishing
    Hey guys - I'm new to the forums, but have found myself here seeking advice many time before. I'm in a bit of a pickle, and I'm hoping someone here has a little nugget of wisdom that can help me out. I've taken on a rather large project making a series of benches for an office building. Super...
  8. Woodworking Skill Share
    Howdy lumberjockers! I'm building a frame & panel headboard for our queen bed. Here's the sketchup model I made to get the wife's approval: I posted the sketchup model here in case its helpful for someone else. I have all of the components done and the joinery completed. I've never used...
  9. Blogs
    Walnut Tallcase Clock #1: Well, I must admit that I have been bitten by the Tallcase Clock bug and I am starting my fifth. This is one is close to the size of the first four, BUT it is going to be a little fancier. This clock case will have beveled corners on the lower case, fluted columns on...
1-9 of 9 Results