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  1. My take on an Eames walnut stool

    Well, it's not actual walnut, just poplar stained to look like it. My church had a partition in the narthex of the building that was taken down to open the hallway up, and the lumber was given to me. I sat on it for a couple of years before deciding what to use it for, make the stool with it...
  2. Halfpipe Ramp

    Hi, After we dreamed about it as kids.. Me and my friends finally built one. 2X4 structure, 2 layers of plywood on top( In retrospect, I recommend to do 3). the entire ramp cost around 1500$, and took 3 days build. link to video that show the whole process - Thanks, Daniel.
  3. From table offcut to mcm lamp

    It's good to be back online with a computer instead of a tablet! I've built up a backlog of projects to post too… I started this sometime last year, I think, but it's been on and off between other things. One of the other guys had made a long table, and these were offcuts from the skirt. I dug...
  4. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Howdy everyone, this is my first time posting, in fact it's my first time on this site, but I've been reading around and it seems like a nice community. So, I needed a new project and after much deliberation I've decided I'm going to construct my own Eames style lounge chair. But so far I only...
  5. Designing Woodworking Projects
    So I've been designing a bent laminate chair and everything was going very well until I started looking for supplies. I was going to do layers of veneer stacked and glued then bend the seat in a vacuum press, until I couldn't find any non paper backed rotary sheets of veneer thick enough. My...
  6. Blogs
    Charles Rohlfs Oak Desk, Stickley Ellis Table & Iconic Crafts, Nelson Atkins Art Gallery Kansas City Wow! I made it, I finally made it, and oh what a surprise to find a museum with Iconic Furniture pieces intermixed with a lot of European, Asian, Native American, Egyptian, and some strange...
1-6 of 6 Results