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  1. horse breaking

    I wanted to do another picture of the pattern I had with the cowboy breaking his horse. I have several plaques that I had made in few years ago, for another priject and he=ad these left so I put this picture on here. The turn out of this picture to me is quit nice but burning ontop of poly is...
  2. Three Eagles

    My latest effort. Pattern created using GIMP2. 1/4" Baltic Birch ply. Pegas 2/0 spiral blades.
  3. Bottle Openers

    3 Bottle openers based off of plans I got from Good Clean Fun by Nick Offerman. The maple one has an eagles logo carved into (did that with a Shaper Origin). The other two are bocote. A nail through the opening pries the cap off. The third uses a washer to do the same. They work fairly well.
  4. freedom flys

    this is woodburned on a maple cabinet door and has a slight bit of color added to it with colored pencils. is about 22.5×15.5 in. in size. i love eagles
  5. Eagles/Steelers Puzzles

    Two puzzles that I made in 2007 with my scroll saw.
  6. Eagle head shot

    Heres another eagle shot that I could not pass up. Hope you all enjoy it. Jim
  7. lost dinner......eagles

    this is my latest eagle woodburning. is of two eagles and a chipmunk. poor chipmunk has been dropped by the first eagle. now you must use your mind to wonder is it getting away? is it falling into a nest? or is it about to get grabbed. i had fun doing these eagles. my favorite bird. the burn...
  8. Proud Eagle

    On my journey of learning to wood burn, I get to choose the pictures that I want to burn. Heres one that I did for my Papa. Hope you all enjoy it. Zac
  9. Eagle in flight wall clock

    At time I was making several different items to take to craft shows, I had the oppertunity to purchase several clocks to place inside of different objects. Thia is one that sold rather rapidly and ask to make more of. I enjoy coming up with different disigns to put clocks in as you can see in...
  10. Eagle Shelf

    This is an eagle shelf that I made for my boss for christmas" It is made of Walnut and Ash. My boss is pictured with the shelf - I think he liked it.
  11. Eagles wood beer pong table with LED lights and ball washer

    Check out to see a full list of our products.
  12. Focus on the Workspace
    I was recently made aware of a webcam that is streaming LIVE a pair of Bald Eagles in their nest in Decorah, IA. You can watch them day and night, thanks to a night-vision camera. The stream quality is very high, so I apologize if you don't have broadband internet service. They had three eggs...
  13. Site Help and Suggestions
    WHY?! It was fixed for about 2-3 days… Then, it starts up again!! Looks like it's stuck on THREE Back-clicks to finally GET BACK… ... but, takes MORE… at times! edit: Especially after clicking the Pulse "NEW" links & trying to get Back after reading. Now, it takes 5 Backs to get BACK. Very...
1-13 of 13 Results