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  1. Intarsia Eagle

    My first attempt at an intarsia project was this 90 piece intarsia eagle with a 24 inch wing-span. Made out of walnut and aspen, finished with water-based varnish and a little paint (yellow beak and feet). Pattern was found in one of Better Homes and Garden's WOOD magazine. Hope to do another...
  2. Psuedo-scroll saw projects

    So I decided to try my hand at some scroll saw projects. The only problem is that I don't actually own a scroll saw. I mounted my jigsaw under a simple table, and worked with thin baltic birch pieces. I know it's not as precise as it could be, but I was pleased with the layered results. The...
  3. Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor

    USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor shadowbox I made for a retiring Master Sergeant.
  4. Eagle Profile Scrollsaw Portrait

    Cut from baltic birch plywood on my DeWalt DW788. I found this pattern on a old scroll sawyer site that doesn't exist anymore. And talk about being green (or cheap), it's framed in a hickory cabinet door sample I acquired at a cabinet company that I was working for. It's backed with a thick...
  5. Eagle Pierced- Relief Carving

    I carved this scene in a piece of Cherry. There is some natural bark on the top and a bit of burl throughout. This carving is 8" tall, 18" wide and 2" thick. This style of carving is called, "pierced relief". It is quite a time consuming style of carving, but very rewarding. I began shaping...
  6. Scrimshaw Powder Horn 21; Black Powder Container for Muzzleloading Era Firearms

    This powder horn Number 21 has been SOLD (12-19-2008) To view other Powder Horns that are FOR SALE visit my Store ============================== UPDATE 5-5-2011: I have agreed to teach a Powder Horn Building and Scrimshaw Decoration Class at the John Campbell Folk School in...
  7. Segmentation - Eagle #2

    One of the easier patterns.
  8. "Protector" another box

    This box was done for a Christmas gift last year, ( I haven't posted in awhile lol so there will be a flood today) The box is Maple and black walnut. I used miters and maple splines to join and the top actually has a angle which you cant see in the photos very well. The picture was done using...
  9. Diamond Willow + Antler Tee Handle Cane #2

    I don't think this is really a true tee handle cane. I left enough antler at the rear of the handle so the whole hand can grasp the handle without needing to hook the index finger in front of the shaft. But I was hoping to keep the option open to still use this cane as a tee handle by leaving a...
  10. Eagle, Globe and Anchor display

    Eagle, Globe and Anchor display I built for a retiring Marine.
  11. Veneer Coin Box

    I made this box a few years ago for my nephew to keep his coin collection in. It was a cheap premade box from the craft store that I made a sort of panel for. Then glued the faces on and trimmed to the box. I had done a box with veneer fans (second picture shows panel) that I learned from a...
  12. some gave all

    I thought I would get another one of these done, every time I burn one of these , it seems as thogh it never stays around to long.
  13. Eagle Busts

    They are 8×11", numerous types of wood and all finished in lacquer.
  14. Cherry Native American Style Flute with Eagle Block

    Native American style flute in key of G. All natural materials. Cherry wood. Flute block base of Cedar (to help absorb moisture from breath) and Eagle (rough as it is) carved from Walnut. I'm not very good at 3D carving yet but I'll get there eventually. Nice sweet tone and near perfect on the...
  15. Eagle Flight

    I just completed this project for a curated Art Show at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa. I used Spalted Maple, Walnut, Yellowheart, Butternut, Poplar, Mahogany, Cherry, Aspen, Blue Pine, and Red Oak for the frame. This is the 15th time I've done this great Bruce Worthington...
  16. Restoration of eagle

    Photos of finished restoration. More info in blog. Polychromy is not my part of work.
  17. Scrollsaw Eagle in Baltic Birch

    I got a Dewalt scrollsaw last year for Christmas. This eagle is 2 months in the making, an hour at a time after work. First project this intricate. Props to Steve at Scrollsaw workshop for the pattern. Learned a lot: -Olsen PGT double reverse tooth my new favorite blade -masking tape both sides...
  18. Eagle dreamcatcher

    Eagle cut from birch ply using a scroll saw as well as feathers. Leather wrap. Not sure who to give credit on the image but not mine.
  19. PNW Eagle #2

    This eagle in the Pacific Northwest "First Nations" style is very similar to another one in my projects here. Both are 10" x 26"- carved in Alaskan Yellow Cedar. The main difference is in the accent stones. These are regular brown tiger-eyes, mostly oval cabachons, The earlier eagle had green...
  20. ITS DONE, BOWL WITH ARTWORK. Been along time coming.

    This project has been along time in the thinking stage, Lathe work was quite straight forward. I wanted to do a square bowl, have Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art in the center, and a decoration around the outside resembling abalonie. The theory was simple. I had purchase a book last...
1-20 of 90 Results