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  1. Hand Tools
    Found this video that shows how a hand plane works filmed through a microscope: It is a bit long and nerdy but has some intersting conclutions on how a chip braker shoud be used. Worth a look! How do you adjust your planes?
  2. Finishing
    Just a quick question for some of you with experience in finishing. Has anyone heard of or had success with "Mohawk Finishes"? I have never heard of them, but apparently they are for the pros. I mean like, commercial and Industrial pros that do this stuff on a mass production level. I'm just...
  3. Finishing
    Hello fellow woodworkers! I like to carve wooden kitchen utensils and am having trouble deciding how to treat and finish the wood to make it safe and available for food safe use. I would like to lightly ebonize or stain some of my pieces. I have mineral oil, and howards version with beeswax...
21-24 of 24 Results