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  1. Power of Three

    Yet again, Ross has come up with a brilliant design for me to make. Its taken some time, due to my recent back injury but here it is. A modified EZ Mitre, Shell, box with a Birch ply core and dyed veneer pattern. Measuring 120 mm by 60 mm on a side. Finished in Satin Acylic. Here's some...
  2. Subcontracting Marquetry panels

    Once in a while we are contacted to provide marquetry panels for other cabinet makers. This is an old tradition for the french to subcontract the marquetry. We have at the American School of French Marquetry an early example of this practice. It is an intact 1874 panel shipped by french...
  3. Walnut Wall Art

    This piece is approximately 13" x 12" x 1.5" with a black walnut frame (natural color). The heart of this piece is a 3D carved Voronoi pattern in a walnut strip. The background is a dyed blue veneer. The blue veneer creates a stunning contrast with the natural black walnut. Thanks for looking...
  4. Circular Voronoi Wall Art

    Another small Voronoi Wall Art piece, this time circular and made out of cherry. The frame is also cherry with blue dyed veneer.
  5. Art Deco Style Wall Mirror

    The mirror style is Art Deco which was popular in the 1920s and 1930s (shown without mirror installed). I used black walnut and dyed veneers in the construction of this mirror. The overall mirror dimensions are approximately 19" by 16". A 1 1/4" wide base allows the mirror to be set on a desk or...
  6. Glass Waterfall

    I've been silent for a couple of weeks because this latest project really gave me a run for my money! : ) I ran into a free piece of glass with my company's logo sandblasted into it, when my company was given it as a sample. Once they decided to go with the vendor, they were going to throw away...
  7. Wood & Lumber
    I make and sell a bent wood ring. This one is with anigre and I have used some fumed eucalyptus wood. The fumed eucalyptus is almost black in color. I have had people ask for other colors. I have access to a national exotic veneer company where I live. But I can not find pink ivory as a...
1-7 of 7 Results