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  1. New and Improved Shop Dust Pan

    Well, I had to improve my shop dust pan design and add a woodworking theme to it. What else but a hand saw? and a rip saw to boot. Check my previous project for more detail.
  2. Dustpan on a stick

    I've got a friend who's opening a new shop soon. She cuts hair, and I thought that a dustpan on a stick would make a nice shop-warming present. Hand-resawn poplar sides and back, dovetailed together. Mahogany? plywood top and bottom, a doug fir piece of molding on the back to tip the front down...
  3. 66 Inches From My Workbench... where I sleep. This means that I have to keep things preeetty clean. After about nine months of using the same diagonally bisected raisin box as a dustpan, I decided to use some scrap stuff to make a more suitable replacement for a tool I use daily. 1/4" ply sides, masonite base, and...
1-3 of 3 Results