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  1. Completed Outdoor Table & Bench Seats

    I built an outdoor table from Blackbutt a little while ago and then the first of four bench seats to go with it. I learned a lot from this build and then batched out 3 more benches, which only took me about 50% longer in total than making the first. This showed me the advantages of batching...
  2. Bentwood Rings

    Here's an assortment of bentwood rings I've made recently. - Walnut lined with birch - Mahogany - Red Oak - Bubinga - Rosewood - Tropical Olivewood These are finished with several coats of Arm-R-Seal and buffed with Black Bison. (Except for the last two, which have a natural oil finish applied.)
  3. Black Acacia Turning #1

    All I can say is this is really hard wood. I spent a lot of time sharpening tools.
  4. Bentwood Inlay Rings

    Here are some more bentwood rings I made recently, featuring inlays. The first is Walnut with crushed turquoise, the second and third are Maple-lined Walnut with Maple inlay.
  5. More Bentwood Rings

    It's been a little while since I last posted pictures of wooden rings, so here's an update. These are some of the more recent wood combinations I've been experimenting with. There are so many possibilities with these things! :) Hawaiian Koa (shimmer feature) ring with offset Ziricote inlay...
  6. Teak and Bird's Eye Maple Ring

    This is a Teak and Bird's Eye Maple ring I made for my wife. It is around 6mm in width. Finish is CA with buffed topcoat of LandArk wax.
  7. Bentwood Rings

    Here are some recent rings, done in the bentwood style. 1: Ziricote ring (wide) with thin offset crushed turquoise inlay 2: Osage Orange 3: Maple with wide centered Ziricote inlay 4: Beech 5: Ziricote with Grey Maple lining 6: Lignum Vitae with Bethlehem Olive lining (matte finish)
  8. bamboo hanging trellis

    bamboo hanging trellis over bed with bloodwood wind chimes
  9. More Bentwood Rings

    #1: Santos Rosewood with "X" Maple Inlay (Inlay work done, appropriately, with X-Acto knife :) ) #2: Ancient Kauri (Wood that has been preserved for quite a while in a peat bog on New Zealand's North Island.) #3: Pecan #4: Madrone with Oak Inlay (Wedding Pair) #5: Wenge (Wedding Pair) #6...
  10. Bentwood Ring - Rosewood and Birch

    This is a wearable wooden ring made in the "bentwood" fashion. No powertools are required in the process. It involves carefully bending strips of wood into a sharp circle. The resulting ring is very durable - even moreso than the layered / cut-out rings. The inside layer or lining is made of...
  11. Woodworking Skill Share
    HI, I was wondering if anyone had an opinion onHonduran Mahogany or honduran rosewood for stanley/bailey hand plane totes and knobs. Some of the things on my mind: - I know they used rosewood, which species: cocobolo, brazillian, EI. Cant get any info on the web about it - Modern...
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    I have just made a portable washers set out of multiply and used Exterior 450 water-based finish on it. I thought 7 coats would be tough enough to handle the abuse of tossing metal washers at it. On a trial game, I was terribly wrong. Every time the washer hit the wood, a big dent would form...
  13. Finishing
    Hey all! I am at the point of pure confusion…There is so many different ways to go for finishing. I am at the point of my workbench/assembly table build where I need to put a finish on it. I want the MDF drawer fronts to have a high shine to them, in like a Safety Blue color. So there i was...
  14. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I'm helping a buddy buddy tomorrow to build a seamless wall. We're framing out a 2×4 stage floor with 3/4" ply on top, then on top of that goes a surface of 3/16" hardboard. Adding difficulty is that near the wall we're curving things up along curved plywood ribs (think fins with 90° circles cut...
  15. Finishing
    I recently finished a long grain cutting board with mineral oil and a mineral oil/beeswax mixture. I served some cheeses on it and I washed it with some water and soap to get rid of the soft cheeses which were stuck on. It appeared to have completely stripped the finish from the wood and allowed...
  16. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Today as I was finishing a job. I fired up the dust collector, plugged in the sander, and started finish sanding….. Only problem: durning the one hour of sanding I never realized that I never plugged in the dust collector hose to the orbital sander….:(
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I'm needing a shop vacuum for general cleanup in my shop, but I'll mostly use it in the house after remodeling, or on the cars when I want to vacuum them out. 1) I want durable - Can it suck up drywall dust without damaging it? Will it break if moved around a lot? 2) I want it to be reliable. I...
  18. Finishing
    right now my dad and i are working on a small bridge to go over my grandmas pond in her yard It is to replace an old one made of pine that was unfinished. we are making a cedar one and i was wondering if there would be any finish that would increase the life of it, and not become really...
  19. Designing Woodworking Projects
    What do you think about using Tamarack for my up coming workbench legs? I've got a source for free ten foot dried logs. Are the qualities of this species durable enough for this purpose? The good, the bad, the ugly? Thanks for reading
  20. Woodworking Skill Share
    My dad often tells me "Everything's a tradeoff." Selecting a finish for wearable wooden rings is one of those cases. I currently have two choices: #1: I can use a fairly durable membrane finish (have used Waterlox and currently General Finishes Arm-R-Seal) to achieve the shimmering grain and...
1-20 of 20 Results