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  1. Mallet

    Got bored and decided to turn some scrap into a new mallet. The handle is a little skinny, but the wood is pretty dense so it should be fine for light duty??? The handle goes a little over halfway through the head and is fastened with a dowel going through the head and into the handle.
  2. "Fun In The Sun" Picnic Table

    Thanks to Lenny for posting his project, which is where I got the idea. My grandfather and I hammered it out in 3 days (not finished). Just in time for the extended family 4th of July BBQ. We literally were cutting out the shape of the table top, sanding, routing, and screwing it in as the...
  3. Steampunk dry bar cabinet

    Steampunk themed dry bar cabinet with tile top in black walnut and maple with tile top and purple heart accent. Door hinges are carved dragon hands in black walnut with oak pins. Dragon claw front feet. Embellishments are CNC carved patterns either borrowed or made.
  4. Barra Signs

    Here are a couple of signs I made for Gracie Barra. If you are unfamilier with what that is, it is a school for Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. The signs are made in maple. The Black sign was routed out using a template. The red sign was hand carved. The Taz is also hand carved and is attached...
  5. Coffee Table

    Wanted a coffee table to match the entertainment center I built. Since the temperature here finally dropped below 100 F I went back into the garage and this is what happened to the maple I had out there. Mortise and tenon joinery, bread board ends, first time ever trying to tun something on a...
  6. the colors the colors

    it all started with the left over 1 3/4 by 4 in yellow heart left over form the last cutting board i made. A little re sawing and here you are. lids in order of pic's are, padauk,lace wood,rosewood and purpleheart splines are either blood wood or padauk hinges are purpleheart and bloodwood and...
  7. Maple CD Shelves

    I made a few CD wall mount shelves and stackables. Nice projects, I have made about 12 of these so far, I have made a couple for my son and I am selling some. This is a nice gift for the person with too many CD's and not enough storage. I made them stackable so that you can add more as you go...
  8. Cutting board

    Made this one for my mom. It is maple and red heart. About 22×18x1 1/2
  9. China Cabinet

    A few years ago, my wife asked me for a curio cabinet for her tea cup collection. A week before Christmas I asked her to come out in the shop and see what I had made. She shook her head and said "Curio cabinet, not china cabinet!". Needless to say, I also had the curio cabinet done by Christmas...
  10. Another Kids table and Chair Set

    I have made a lot of these in the past, but I stopped for a while due to a move. Well when christmas came this year my wife said we had to make one and give it my niece. I changed the chair design around a bit by using cnc to cut the chair sides. I then tightened up the design, painted...
  11. manatee

  12. Wine Racks

    I built 7 of these wine racks from WOOD magazine. I made two with hard maple and walnut; one was made with soft maple and walnut; another was made with oak and walnut and 2 more were made out of maple and cherry. The finish on all was spray polyurethane. Note: I made this project in high...
  13. Salt & Shorty

    A couple of small carvings inspired by another wood carver. Thanks for looking.
  14. Paddle switch

    That is the paddle That is the switch board That is the Paddle Switch It fits my table like this It costed me about a dollar. Yard sale switches. Scrap wood etc.
  15. Custom Fuel truck shadow box

    Custom R-11 fuel truck shadow box I did.
  16. Walnut and Maple segmented Bowl

    This is a big fruit bowl i made for a coworker. It is 14" in diameter
  17. 16 month Music Stand

    I finally finished my wife's Christmas gift from last year. I designed this on the fly and it was stuck in my head for most of the 16 months. I would work on it a little and get stuck on what to do next so I would put it aside. The octagon shaped main post was actually the first piece I made and...
  18. First Attempt At Woodworking

    I waited until I was 54 years old to try this hobby and what a mistake that was. Please feel free to criticize any and all goof-ups you see. I hope to learn from many of the fine craftsmen that are members here.
  19. Makin it "On the Cheap" Router Circle Cutter (Prototype)

    Well, a friend and I were talking Friday and he said he needed a fast, accurate way to cut holes, 6" diameter, into some plywood sheeting. He was looking to make his own "Corn Hole boards", a game which has caught on like wildfire, around the USA… We discussed and researched and came to the...
  20. Crotch Walnut Clock

    My dad was wanting to cut down a walnut tree that was on the edge of a field and offered me the stump. The rest he was using for firewood. There wasn't anything big enough for lumber. When I saw one of the crotches of a branch I asked to have that as well. This was one half of the crotch and...
1-20 of 58 Results