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  1. Working on Christmas.

    For a tweenage boy. I had it on the back porch to do the finish. The wind knocked it over and put dings in it. I'm not angry… Mahogany, walnut, bb ply, and maple. BLO 3 & 3/4" wide x 5 & 1/2" tall. Drumsticks 4 & 1/2" long.
  2. Tounge Drum, Mitered Corners w/Keys

    The Italian Olivewood is extremely fragile to work with mitered corners. All I know is, I got lucky I did not break off an edge or corner. The tongues are made from Bloodwood. Both really look rich after finished with walnut oil. You can search YouTube for a good tutorial on building this...
  3. Bongo Cajons All Wooden Drums

    These bongo cajons measure 16×7 x 7 inches. Sides are 1/2 inch birch ply and top is 1/8 inch ply. Tone of the drums can be controlled by changing the tops thickness, the thinner the wood, the deeper the sound is. Two sound chambers separated with birch ply, small for high notes, large for low...
  4. Mountain Dulcimer

    I made this dulcimer for my wife. Although she doesn't play yet, she has wanted on for a long time. The woodworking club I belong to chose a dulcimer as a club project, so I couldn't put off making one any longer. This is my first stringed instrument, and was loads of fun to make. I started...
  5. Wood Drum

    Drum is made from padauk and maple. The padauk is redder than in the picture the mallets are made from dowel stock and superballs.
  6. Cajon

    A Cajon I built from Phenolic Resin Plywood with a Birch Plywood Tapa.
  7. Maple Krin African Style Drum

    This is one of three Krin Drums I have made for our drum circle. It is from Maple. The Claves are turned from Horse Chestnut. The Krin is made by cutting slots in a log and hollowing out using a chainsaw. Here is a video of how it sounds
  8. Bodhran Drum

    From Friday to Monday of last weekend, I went to a course with Geoff Tonkin ( Geoff has a workshop on his property just outside Molong, New South Wales (Australia). Just working in his workshop is worth the trip (about 4 hours west of Sydney). He has restored...
  9. The New Zebra Wood Lap Cajon Drum that I just completed

    This was a fun one to build. Love the sound and how the grain all lined up. The main body is Zebra with a maple sound board and a myrtle sound hole rim. Going to a show this weekend in Seattle. Hope to sell it. www.Z-Stik.Com
  10. Tongue Drum for my son / Xmas present 2010. #1

    I have not spending as much as time I should in my shop this winter, because I have been busy fishing… Well, this is what I really have to do, (Been doing this for more than 5 years now) woodworking gift for my kids. this was really a fun project, especially to see how it sounds and how it...
  11. Paduak Cajon

    We've had a recent addition of a friend new to woodworking but willing to learn who has decided to spend some time around the shop. I've been teaching him the basic techniques required to dress lumber, glue up boards, use a router and sanding techniques. All of which were used on this project he...
  12. A Cajon on Commission

    I was asked to make a cajon for someone. They liked my price and I duid the deed. My cajons are made from a quarter sheet of 1/2 in. plywood, using just about every scrap of the wood. The tympan panel is made from thinner plywood, ideally 1/8 inch or there abouts. For this one i had a...
  13. Slit Drums

    After playing around with slit drum designs, I came up with one that sounds good and has six tongues. I made these so you do not need a mallet to get a good tone, you can play these by holding the drum with one hand and hitting the tongues with a finger. The drums are 16 inches long, 6 inches...
  14. Cajones

    Cajones is the plural of cajon' These are drums which have captured the attention of all genres of music, especially Afro-Cuban, and Latin. Take it to Jazz or take it to Blues Does anyone know the best way to put my logo on the front panel? Peace, Spruce Cajon'
  15. cajon

    My first cajon, made using 18mm birchply and 4mm brichply for the front (tapa) and a drum snare inside, It has a nice bass sound to it . i would welcome any comenents on how best to do a string snare inside. thanks for looking
  16. Drum monitor speaker from old Logitech speakers

    My son needed a speaker for his small electric drum kit and I didn't want to spend much money so I gave him a cheap set of Logitech computer speakers which worked fine, but there was a mess of wires and it didn't look very hard rock, so I took the electronics out, cut up an old Bon Jovi concert...
  17. Drums

    Mann its been forever since I posted. Here are some pics of me most recent drum models. They are in my economy line. The first is my Mini Cajon the beads give it a great snare sound. The second is the one I've been making for many years African Tongue Drum and the third my economy wooden bongo...
  18. Tongue drums for christmas presents

    Built these for my 2 young nieces. This was my first attempt at tongue drums. Sides and bottoms are 1/2 inch birch plywood that I found leaned against a dumpster waiting for the trash man. The tops are 1/4 inch red oak. Dimensions are 6" x 12" I had the idea for the shaped sound holes just...
  19. Cajon for my friend's birthday

    My friend turned 50 this past weekend. He's in a couple of bands that mainly play acoustic guitars. He's expressed a desire for some percussion from a cajone before, but I finally got around to making it for him. I think it sounds pretty good. There are a few things I'd do differently next time...
  20. My Hand Drum

    March 3, 2012 Saturday, I had the honour of being invited to a drum-making workshop with an Ojibwe Elder. The drum frame is made of yellow cedar. The hide is deer. You can read my blog about the experience here at GardenTenders.
1-20 of 127 Results