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  1. Pine Log Coasters

    A Bunch of coasters I cut out of a pine log. coated with marine varnish. pretty cool idea I barrowed from blackie on this website.
  2. Scrap Wood Redneck Cooler

    Not much of a story. My daughter wanted a rustic wedding and a watering trough as a drink cooler. I can't just throw a metal tub on the ground and call it a day, so… I had a bunch of cut-off 2X4s laying around and got to work. The only "new" purchase was the trough and the hinges. I...
  3. Patio Table with built in Coolers

    This is a patio table I made after we got our new house. This was what got me back into woodworking seriously. All made from cedar. Two halfs separated by a center divider and breadboard ends. There are two cutouts for coolers to place condiments and beverages in when cooking out. Did this whole...
  4. Wooden Drink Mat Coaster(Scrap Wood)

    In this video I will be showing you how to make these lovely, stylish drink mats. These were made of bit of wood lying around the shop. For this project I glued various woods together and then made a border. After that I sanded them all down. I applied a couple of coats then waxed them up...
  5. Blogs
    Easy Made Drink Coasters Make some drink coasters in a day!
1-5 of 5 Results