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  1. Desktop Bag Toss

    This mini indoor version of Baggo or Bean Bag Toss is designed to sit on a desktop or tabletop and well sized for a typical office cube. It is a fairly simple project - easy to build. The free plans are available on our web page here . We also made three videos giving a blow-by-blow account of...
  2. Mobile Drill Guide Stand

    Mobile Drill Guide Stand. Many times I had the need to drill vertical holes with a drill bit, a forstner bit or a holesaw that the surface did not fit on my drill press. At first I designed a vertical drill guide stand based on dovetail slides, but been able to find a 30cm drawer guide that...
  3. Small Parts Holding Clamps

    Sometimes I use a miniature Jorgensen type clamp to hold small parts. Sometimes they don't feel quite right for what I'm working with. I came up with these for the price of a T-nut, a little allthread, a bolt or screw, a couple washers, ad a nut and some scrap plywood. Details for making...
  4. oil lamp

    Oil lamp made of Mimosa.This piece had such beautiful figure it would have been lost in a bowl. finish is Dr. Kirks scratch freee and mylands hi friction polish. oil lamp insert is from Craft Supply. Comments welcome.
  5. Drilling jig for dowels

    This is a simple project, but essential when it comes to drilling perfect centred holes in dowels. I only needed to use my sliding miter saw to make this jig. At the bottom of the "V" is a groove See you there! the width of my miter saw blade, just to allow chips to fall away during drilling.

    Well, here's the final product for my saw extension. There are just a couple of tune-ups required but this is essentially it; it just requires the slots routed into the table for the sled runners. It's not crooked like it looks; the camera perspective just makes it look that way.
  7. Cup holder for the pickup

    My favorite insulated coffee cup keeps falling over in the pickup cup holder. So I made an adapter from an old scrap of 4×4. Quick, easy, effective. Sanding and finishing not required.
  8. Matching Ice Cream Scoop and Pizza Cutter

    On a whim and with a few extra bucks in my pocket I got some Spectraply turning blanks at my local Woodcraft a couple years ago. I made a candle holder and a bud vase out of some and the boss, er…wife, really liked it. So Christmas eve two years ago I made her an ice cream scoop with a...
  9. Cane handles

    At our Christmas craft show a gentleman took my card who was interested in getting a set of custom handles made for one of my dunnage canes. He brought a slab of curly maple to the shop and we discussed the types of handles, one long grip and one ball end. He wanted a military challenge coin...
  10. Shipping Skids

    I got a contract for 26 shipping skids to carry Launching Engine Cylinder Covers for the USS Enterprise (CVN 65)) as part of her decommissioning. Each Cylinder Cover assembly is 12 feet long, 15 inches wide, 5 inches tall and weighs about 900 pounds. The skids are designed to carry 2 covers...
  11. Pen Blank Drilling Jig

    I took on a pretty good-sized commitment to turn 25 pens for the Freedom Pens Project, and needed a pen blank drilling jig. I took one of the wooden clamps that seldom get used, cut a 45-degree 'V' in each jaw, and mounted it on a scrap of plywood. The corner of each 'V' has a tunnel to prevent...
  12. Ash Tealight Holders

    I am really pleased with how this little project turned out. It was mostly about getting to grips with my bandsaw but the results are far better than I had hoped for.
  13. NEW SLED

    Here are photos of my latest completed project, a new sled for my new toy table saw. It came out pretty good. I didn't have a large enough piece of MDF so I had to use to with the butt at the saw line but it worked okay. The fences are ¾" cabinet grade plywood sanded both sides; the front one is...
  14. Router Table Fence

    I built a router table fence using plywood (and later swapped the cheeks for melamine). Split fence which allows me to insert shims behind the out-feed for jointing operations. It's a fairly basic construction with a couple cute features. It has feet the slide along the edge of the table it...
  15. Projects JessEm 8350 Doweling Kit Storage Box (or Drawer Insert)

    I'm really impressed with JessEm's 8350 doweling jig. I bought the master kit earlier this year, and I've used it to glue up wide panels, attach shelves to cabinet sides, and build drawer boxes. It allows me to work faster and with more precision, and it's designed and built so well that it just...
  16. A hole drilling jig

    Made this jig to drill cribbage boards, but would work for anything needing evenly spaced holes I used a box joint jig to create 1/4" dados 3/8" deep in 3" x 24" 4/4 poplar. I glued a "cap" on top to hopefully keep the fingers from breaking off and glued that to a scrap piece of plywood. To...
  17. Bud Vases

    Miniature Bud Vases (~3" tall) in: Apple Wood Olive Wood Black Mesquite Cocobolo Fun little projects. Just have to be careful to get the diameter right for the test tube insert… or the vase will split from pressure, as I found out.
  18. Large Basic Shadowbox

    Here is another customer request. Made from solid oak and stained natral
  19. Candle Holder

    October, 2010-This was made on the band saw. I sandwiched some hardwood left-overs in between two slabs of pine. Then the bottom was sliced off so the hole for the candle could be cut out. Then the bottom is glued back on. If you look carefully at the main photo you can see where I cut in...

    I've started building my Biesmeyer style fence. In the photos is visible the brackets that attach it to the saw cabinet and the front rail. This is a tough one to design and build; I'm had to take extra precautions and time on this one. It works great. I'm using a cam style locking device that...
1-20 of 67 Results