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  1. STORK

    This Stork is handcarved from bass wood,then stained early american, and coated with several coats of satin varnish,mounted on a piece of drift wood. The piece measures 12" high. Simply done in an ethnic style. A fine decorative for any home. THANKS FOR COMING IN TO MY SHOP!
  2. Wiccan Wands

    A few of over 30 that were completed this month. All the wands pictured here are made from natural Sumac, and driftwood, with various crystals incorporated into them. I use many art mediums when making my wands and hope in the near future to post photos of a project from start to finish showing...
  3. Bass carved from a piece of driftwood

    Ok, if you saw my blog, you know I am a "newbie" at carving. This is my first "real" carving (minus some hack jobs with a box blade and scrap 2×4). I found a piece of driftwood in a creek behind my house and decided it needed to become a fish. After a lot of messing up and fixing and...
  4. Lamp from driftwood and old gin bottles

    Hey Guys, my next project. From my last journey to France, I took a lot of driftwood with me… and drank to much tasty gin from Black Forrest Germany… so I built a lamp from driftwood and gin bottles… If you like the pictures, check out the how to video… VIDEO have a nice day, Niko
  5. Drift wood Turned and carved

    When I found this peace of wood I thought that I could remove the crack.But as I turned It.It never went away.As the wood was drying out the crack grew. Next time I think I will seal it.Dose anyone know a trick to prevent this on wet or green wood?Besides the obvious not to turn wood with a...
  6. Driftwood~~~Episode II

    This is a small 26 gallon bow front. The driftwood had to be cut to fit and the bolted to pieced of slate to keep it from floating away. It was a bit of a challenge to get enough weight to hold it down. This was a quick easy fun tank to put together. I didn't put to much time into it as it...
  7. DRIFTWOOD JEWELRY, BANDSAW BOX, how to and video

    A couple years ago I collected some driftwood that I thought I could make something spectacular, well the inspiration hit me a while back. Part of it is how.. I have made two what we call bandsaw boxes with two different methods, I started on the most complicated one first, because pf the shape...
  8. Last of the Driftwood........ For now.

    This is the last of the driftwood we bought. I am sure there will be more in the future, but for now it will be back to the boxes for me. LOL This is a 55 gallon tank that will hold more of our angelfish. As with all our tanks, I do the hardscape, which is the driftwood and stone, and my...
  9. Driftwood and Wood slab stool

    Small 12in tall wood slab top with natural Driftwood legs which were painstakingly sanded and stained. Top has natural drying crack in it….used for plant stand..
  10. Natural Driftwood floor lamp (project in progress)

    Found this piece beachcombing one day… natural shape made lampshade from actual used crab pot pull rope from local commercial fishing vessel…so cool. Lamp is Roughly 6ft tall and will remain sunbleached color but will add polyeurathane coat which should add just a hint of color.
  11. Driftwood Carvings.

    A couple more driftwood carvings that I have just finished. Some of the designs are my own and some are from others. The first 4 photos show aspects of the actual carvings and the last 2 just show me using a scraper and a crooked knife on similar work. Driftwood is not without its problems...
  12. Asian-style Driftwood Shelves

    We found this large section of root mostly buried by sand on a beach on the gulf coast of Florida. It seems similar in style to roots I have seen exposed near the water's edge on Slash Pine. Though I was surprised by how dense and heavy the root is. The shelves were initially cut during my...

    I set about making another driftwood bandsaw box, after designing and making the one in the previous post, it had a number of steps to complete it. This one is much simpler to make and lends itself to larger bulky pieces. I didn't take many pictures along the way as I was just having too much...
  14. sun god mask

    this is a piece i just finished for a free-form woodworking class. the mask is carved basswood, then i build a shadow box with hand cut dovetails. the box is painted red with a black boarder, the mask has a spray laquer finish. i also installed a light behind it to give it that glowing feel. all...
  15. Carved owl

    Carved owl out of old piece of driftwood. Was a joy to try something different!
  16. Driftwood lounge chair

    Lounge chair, This is a neat design Ive been thinking about, it was a good way to utilize some great arch pieces Ive been saving. Built from salvaged cedar roots the back is a red cedar burl and the seat is a cedar root split open to reveal that beautiful compression grain, finished with a oil...
  17. He couldn't be any happier, Knot Carving

    Carved this character in a Hemlock knot… This guy just looks so happy, so blissful. I don't think that he could be any happier. It's amazing to me how much emotion we are able to convey by the simplest expressions :) This guy will be listed on ebay-...
  18. 1st Drift Wood Project

    I went on vacation in August to Outer Banks, NC and picked up some drift wood while I was there. I decided to just wood burn it, polyurethane it, paste wax it, and hang it on the wall for decoration.
  19. Driftwood Sculpture, Wood Spirit Carving

    He's neither happy nor sad….He's perpetually apathetic…Poor guy. He could really use a hug or quite possibly some antidepressants. He lives his life half-alive. He's far past the days of extreme emotional ups and downs. He just can no longer bear another heartache. Maybe soon, things will change...
  20. Recycled Wood Picture Frames

    I made these frames for a local photographer. The material was found wood on the bank of the Ct river. She ordered 6, and these are the first two. This was a fun project, once again challenging my skills with no plans to work from, just imagination. Thanks for looking!
1-20 of 141 Results