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  1. Harriets Dressing Table

    Well here is the finished dressing table. A mix of Oak and Fastigata among others. Feel free to check the video that maps a little of how I went about it. Cheers, Andy.
  2. Makeup Vanity

    I made this vanity table for my wife as a 10th anniversary gift. It is made of cherry, cherry plywood and birch plywood with blum full extension soft close slides. This project took a long time to complete but I learned a lot on this one.
  3. Norm Vandal Queen Anne Lowboy

    This Queen Anne lowboy is pretty much an exact reproduction of Norm Vandal's version in his book on Queen Anne furniture-one of my favorite books of all time. I made the legs about ten years ago, and then got divorced, which as many of you know, can put a crimp in project completion goals. I...
  4. Queen Anne Lowboy

    I just finished this QUEEN ANNE LOWBOY. It's made from air dried walnut and poplar. The fan drawers are a little off the top and don't really belong on this project. I have never seen a period lowyboy with two fans. They usually have a single central fan or no fan at all. But, I wanted to...
  5. 1750's Dressing Table

    This is an 18th Century Style Dressing Table. This was built using the same tools, techniques and finish that would have been used in the Year 1750. That means NO power tools, sandpaper or Polyurethane. It does mean hand planes, scrapers and home made varnish topped with Beeswax. Oh, and...
  6. Oak Built in Bedroom

    This bedroom was built out of white oak with mdf white oak veneered door panels. The interior of the ward robes is a framework of 3*2 redwood. Each robe is just over a metre wide as is the dressing table at the end. There is also a matching blanket box which doubles as a seat.(photo to...
  7. Dressing table

    It was my first wood work (zebrano, wenge and oak flooring). Almost all has been done by fretsaw and files, only in the end I use a router. Of course now I can see all the flaws, but I have decided to leave it 'as is'.
  8. Philadelphia Dressing table

    The chairs were well received so I figured I would post another: This is a Philadelphia Dressing table, modeled after an existing high chest in the Chipstone collection. I took some other lowboys and scaled my dimensions proportionally from there. I built this one in 2006, with the goal of...
  9. Pennsylvania Dressing Table

    This is a reproduction of a 17th century Pennsylvania Dressing Table that I began at the Lonnie Bird School of Fine Woodworking last April. I finally got around to finishing the project a couple of weeks ago. Although I tested it on some left over scrap from the drawer fronts, the stain is...
  10. Rose Carved Desk

    This desk was a custom order for my neighbor. When I get a chance I want to build one for myself.
  11. Angelina Bathroom Set

    This is a picture of my Angelina bathroom set and other pieces that i brought to a show at the mall a few years back. this set is finished in special walnut with polyurethane to protect it.
  12. Blogs
    Paul Frankl Dressing table. Here is what I am working on at present. Proving to be quite a challenge for me….which is good for me. The show timber is Kowhai |ˈkəʊwʌɪ, ˈkɔːfʌɪ| noun a tree of the pea family, which bears hanging clusters of yellow flowers. It is native to New Zealand and Chile...
  13. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi all, I'm in the market for a Grizzly Bandsaw. I am looking at the Grizzly G0513ANV (the anniversary model) and the Grizz G0513X2. The anniversary model is the exact same saw as the GO513. Im not sure if another 300 dollars is worth the extra cast iron trunions and wheels and other add ons...
  14. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am not sure whether this is the appropriate forum for this question… I did post it in the "Woodworking Trade & Swap" forum as well… please pardon my double posts! Anyway, I have several (5 or 6) Sassafras trees in my yard that need to go. My father was out this past weekend, he's been...
1-14 of 14 Results