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  1. Acrobat Monkey - Wooden Squeeze Toy

    This was a simple and fun toy to make, however, there are a few little tricks that one needs to know in order for it to work right. The first is that you need to be sure to use stout sticks for the sides. One of my students sanded some of them down too far which put too much give in them. You...
  2. Candy Dish ?

    Made out of spalted birch using a belt sander and a dremel tool. Dish is 5'' x 4'' and at its tallest is 2''. The indentation (dish) is 1'' deep. Finished with butcher block oil, wipe-on poly, and then several coats of sunflower oil. For a piece of scrap, it turned out right nice.
  3. Canadian Coin Paperweight

    This is an oak paperweight I made a while back. I just liked the coin with an elk or buck deer on it, so I counter sunk it into a nice piece of oak I had laying about just waiting to be made into something.
  4. Coffee Shop Chalice

    This is a commissioned work for RedRocks Community College Coffee Shop. Check out it in Lakewood,CO. medium - malachite, burning tool, walnut, blue spruce pine, poplar, cherry, white oak, and beech woods. date created - april 2009 size - 12 in 7 in owned by: Scott Spradlin, Nederlands, CO
  5. Mulberries

    Mulberries Size- Orignal Date Created- Spring 2009 Medium- Mulberry wood, Cavansite crystal Price for Original- 250 USD
  6. Here's a 13 inch and a 17 inch dagger recently completed. now with scabbards

    The large 17 inch dagger was carved from wax maple and colored with tobacco stain and polished. The smaller dagger has a nice grain walnut blade and a dyed maple handle. Found some great top grain cowhide for the holsters. Rubbing briskly while damp takes on an imprint of the blades inside.
  7. Jes' Goofin around

    During my barn to shop conversion, I simply had to take some time out to see if the conversion would even allow me to do some work. This is the result. Our son opened his own shop not too far from us called High Glass. He sells pipes and other smoking accessories (ya know, this IS Colorado...
  8. Woodworking Skill Share
    I would like to ask if anyone out there has any ideas on cleaning out a big piece of diamond willow. I\ve been working with diamond willow for over 30 years. I've made and sold a variety of items, but my main tool for cleaning out the diamonds is a dremel tool. It has served me well, but a new...
1-8 of 8 Results