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  1. Rosco and his pig carving

    This was my first carving (except for some ball and claw legs). Rosco and his pig. I know that one of the most Challanging parts of a carving can be the eyes, so I thought Rosco would be a good one to start with.
  2. Shop Made Sliding Table for Table Saw

    It's still kind of rough around the edges, and I'm still tweaking it, but here's my version of a sliding table for my table saw. It gives me about 31" before the saw blade. There are three 28" full-extension drawer slides (mounted flat), that control the range of motion before the blade. And...
  3. Jewelry Box

    Daughter requested a jewelry box incorporating some Spalted Pecan from family home place. Other woods are Mahogany, White Oak, and Curly Maple. I took some inspiration from other posts on this site including using v-notch router bit on drawers and inside case sides and gluing in square (maple)...
  4. File Cabinet

    I have been keeping tool manuals and other shop information in a plastic file box on a bench top. In this project the idea was to build a two drawer file cabinet that would fit under the bench. For build details see
  5. Maple and Ziricote shop toolbox

    This is the results of a learning process. When I made the desk-extension organizer for Charlene, I had some problems with drawers sticking. In fact, the drawers are now in the reverse order from how I first put it together (and the design I had in mind when I laid out the wood for the drawer...
  6. Mahogany Jewelry Box

    Half blind dovetails combine the corners, and the cove was cut by crossing the tablesaw blade at an angle, same with the lid, plus a little hand carving for the finger lip As it turned out the lid was a different type of mahogany so I had to play around with some dyes to get the color where I...
  7. Screwdriver and marking tools, and box - 2022 swap project

    This is my project write up for the 2022 Screwdriver/Marking Tool Swap. The project is basically in three parts: the screwdrivers, the marking tools, and the storage box. All Claro Walnut with brass details. The screwdrivers shafts are a bit of a story. My grandfather started a company doing...
  8. Maple hollow form scorched

    Silver maple vessel and my first attempt at a Shou Sugi Ban finish. 7" tall 8.5" wide
  9. 3-Drawer Office Cabinet

    After almost a year working from home now, I decided it's finally time to build a desk for my home office. I decided to go with a modular build, starting with some base cabinets for storage and will add a solid wood top to connect them into a desk. I couldn't decide if I only wanted drawers for...
  10. Basic Shop Drawers

    I recently built a new miter saw station out of 2×4s. I left the bottoms open with the intention of adding different storage options underneath and I just finished the first step: building a set of simple drawers under the drill press module so I can store all my bits and various accessories. I...
  11. Inside-out Upside-down Printer Drawer

    To get our printer off the desktop, I mounted slides inside a drawer and flipped it over on top of this little file cabinet and set the printer on the drawer bottom. I even had room for a small pencil drawer. It turned out great with some careful measuring. Since it is an all-in-one printer...
  12. Cutting board

    cutting board for a client. Oak with Celtic theme. Erik
  13. Workbench

    After years of making do with various quickly-constructed workbenches and/or sawhorses I decided to take the time to build a good quality workbench. Glad I did as it makes those common woodworking tasks easier and safer. Top is Maple with a side vise and end vise providing the needed holding...
  14. Tamarack Bar Table

    Tamarack bar table. All tamarack made from a beam I got from another job. All wood joinery with simple tapers on the legs. The most non-curvey table I have made.
  15. Cheese slicer with handle of mesquite

    Cheese slicer with handle of mesquite.
  16. Lazy man

    Last year I put up this swing for me wifey and I to just hang out. All the money that I put into it was for the hardware. I used about 10 ft of chain, hung it by bent over steal pieces that I drilled holes through and hung it with lag bolts then 4 eye hooks. My job purchaced an new molder and...
  17. Aternoon's worth of turnings

    This is my first posting, My friend and I have sent the afternoon in the garage turning some wood from the woodpile. The first two pics are from scraps from abandoned bracelet projects. The top is spalted oak, walnut neck and a cedar base. The edges were too thin to hold the knot, so it was...
  18. Classic Window Seat w/ Drawers

    Built in Window Seat for my Daughter Carcass - 3/4" MDO Ply Face Frame - 3/4" Poplar Drawers - 1/2" Baltic Birch Drawer Slides - 22" over extension Drawer Faces - 3/4" Poplar with Beaded Trim Window Seat Cushion - 4" foam covered with plush Fabric (made by local seamstress) Drawers were...
  19. Mortise and tenon with panels box

    I thought that I could build a simple box with only a few setups. All the solid stock is the same size other than lengths, the dadoes are all pretty much just one setup. Alas, it was a bit more complicated than I had hoped. Makes a nice wastepaper basket however.
  20. Inspirational Juniper Wood Art "Always Dream"

    This piece of juniper art I call "Always Dream" I carved the words and scroll with a dremmel tool and there is some wood burning. The front leg of this piece over hangs the shelf edge.
1-20 of 75 Results