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  1. THE BENCH I MADE FOR MY OLD CRAFTSMAN LATHE (shield images added)

    This is an Old Craftsman Lathe I bought with the set of chisels for $20 quite a few years ago. I originally built this bench so the lathe folded under the table just like a sewing machine. I hardly ever folded it down, but when it was folded, the table would be cluttered when I I wanted to...
  2. Custom Made Drawer Handles

    Cabinet door and drawer handles made out of Mesquite and Oak dowels.
  3. Custom Wooden Cabinet Pulls

    Hey, guys! Wanted to show you these walnut cabinet pulls that I just finished. These were made from a kit available from Rockler and I turned the walnut inner portion on my lathe. It's very similar to turning a pen, so if you've done that then this should be a breeze. The cool part is you...
  4. Blogs
    Drawer Front Jig One of the challenges I faced on my recent bed project was getting my drawer fronts to all line up the same. I left very little room for error, and, since I had two rows of three drawers on each side, I really wanted all the drawer fronts to be "covered and aligned." The...
  5. Finishing
    Conventional wisdom has it that new wood should be "sealed" with shellac to start the finishing process. That's pure baloney promoted by Zinsser to sell their products. Any kind of resin finish will "seal" itself. For an expose of the shellac hoax, check out Bob Flexner's article in the...
1-5 of 5 Results