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  1. QSWO End Tables with Hidden Drawers

    I needed a couple of end tables to go with an antique drop front desk that houses my computer but doesn't provide room for the speakers. Thanks to Elwood89 for the inspiration of hidden (apron front) drawers. First attempt at shop made dovetail guides (learned some things about fitting like if...
  2. Low Computer Stand with Drawers

    I needed a new stand for the computer that sits next to my desk, so I came up with this one that also includes a little storage. The project is made with reclaimed pallet oak, and the nice, full extension, ball bearing drawer guides were obtained by my shop-savvy daughter who's company was...
  3. Maple hollow form scorched

    Silver maple vessel and my first attempt at a Shou Sugi Ban finish. 7" tall 8.5" wide
  4. Cast Thought

    This is similar to my sculptural pieces that are free standing however this is a wall sculpture. The rings are created using patinaed copper. It is multi axis 37 by 28 inches. I am starting another this weekend and plan to take some photos of the process. I call the piece " Cast Thought" as...
  5. Inspirational Juniper Wood Art "Always Dream"

    This piece of juniper art I call "Always Dream" I carved the words and scroll with a dremmel tool and there is some wood burning. The front leg of this piece over hangs the shelf edge.
  6. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hello, I'm designing a dresser and I'd like to know how one determines if they should use metal drawer slides, wooden ones, or just the carcass as the guides with some slides? I'm mainly trying to understand if just using wooden guides will be ok? How do you keep the drawer from falling out...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Click to open larger view: I'm building the above desk and need suggestions on drawer guides. I've asked this before but now I'm not sure I want to use wood guides. It's for my home office where I work every day and I want the drawers to open smoothly. I'm concerned that using wood guides...
  8. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I am designing a chest on chest dresser. My main concern is to have have the drawers slide in & out smoothly. I have built 8 cabinets with various numbers of drawers. On 1 cabinet I used full extension ball bearing slides, & of course they work perfectly. On the others I used a variety of shop...
1-8 of 8 Results