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  1. Completed Outdoor Table & Bench Seats

    I built an outdoor table from Blackbutt a little while ago and then the first of four bench seats to go with it. I learned a lot from this build and then batched out 3 more benches, which only took me about 50% longer in total than making the first. This showed me the advantages of batching...
  2. Mahogany Trestle Table

    This is a mahogany trestle table I finished for a client about 6 months ago. The table was done entirely by hand except for the cove molding (don't have any good molding planes yet). The base is finished with Osmo oil/wax. The top is finished with candlelight oil stain (the top is 8/4 African...
  3. Breadboard end coffee table

    I built this coffee table for my brother a couple months ago, and left it for them to finish. They just sent me pictures of the finished product, and I'm pretty pleased with it! Red oak with a minwax stain and polycrylic. I am still mostly working with hand tools, so the top was jointed by...
1-3 of 3 Results