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  1. Wood on wheels...Riding the dragon.

    Some years ago we started producing skateboards, and they have become quite popular amongst longboard skaters. They are all handmade in silver Birch, and With Our own patterns. The kids and the grown ups love it :) I have been working on these 2 bords for some days and just finished the Paint...
  2. Portal in norwegian dragonstyle. And a smal peek at a dining room table and chairs.

    Another dragonportal, made in slowgrowing highland pine. Also in the Familys style. Both Projects are ofc handcarved only. The dining room table and Chairs is one of the most special commisions i have ever carved, its details are amazing and so small, and the time put into it is staggering. Its...
  3. Dragoncarved portal in a family style.

    Dragon portal in one of the Family styles, its a pretty big portal. Not the most detailed one i have made, but certainly the biggest. This portal was a order made to my father and uncels Company, and the 4 of us carved it together, so i have only carved the full left side, and the border pattern...
1-3 of 3 Results