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  1. Designing the Dragon Pull Toy

    A number a LumberJocks sent me emails asking how I designed the dragon pull toy. For my articulated projects, I always sketch in CAD (because I don't have a pencil) and then animate the design to check the relationship of parts and the clearances. It's no fun looking at static pictures, so I...
  2. A Tale of Two Dragons

    I joined LumberJocks about a month ago because of a blog entry by A.J. Hamler. In it, he talked about making one of my dragons as a Christmas gift for a grandchild. And then this morning, a photo of the new arrival (the first picture) showed up in my inbox. FAR OUT !!! AJ gave his dragon a...
  3. Intarsia Dragon (SPYRO)

    I asked my daughter to search the web for what she wanted me to make her and she picked out this pattern. It was purchased off eBay from kbennett702. It intimidated me, but once I got started… it wasn't so bad. Had to redraw some of it and improvise some pieces. She asked that I not use the...
  4. Intarsia Bearded Dragon Wall Hanging

    This one took awhile to finish and has 237 different pieces. I tried to take some pictures to show the depth of this piece because I used a lot of shims and used wood from 2 inches down to 1/2. The face looks blue, but it is really wenge and it is the way the light hit it for the picture. No...
  5. A Balancing Dragon

    I'll start off by saying that I like Dragons, and one that can balance on the tip of my finger is interesting enough to post as a new project. The back story to this project started a number of years ago when I met up with a superbly talented Scrimshander, named Clay James, at an arts and crafts...
  6. Scrollsaw work

    Hello The two last projects with my scrollsaw : an american eagle and a dragon I hope you will like them Have a nice day
  7. leviathan

    This little guy is 21in long and 8in high. He made of maple, walnut, sapele. I was lucky to have a friend take some good shots of it.
  8. Walking Stick

    To commemorate my newly re-designed and renamed shop, I made my self the Sleepy Dragon walking stick. The inspiration and instruction came from Paul Seller's walking cane videos on his website. I made it to be extra beefy because, well, I'm an extra beefy guy. It's made from a branch of cedar...
  9. Asian Style cane

    This is what I came up with for the asian inspired cane. The dragon was a little difficult, but to be honest with myself, the finish was the PIA, and it isn't perfect. But I have to stop myself at some point because the price isn't right, if you know what I mean. I hate that time is money...
  10. Skyrim Dragon Coaster

    Cut on a scroll saw Made from Okume Plywood 15 cm diameter
  11. Dragon

    I took a scroll saw class at WoodCraft a while back. In the class we all made this dragon.
  12. Dragon Plaque

    Liked the pattern, turned out pretty nice but next time I make something like this I'll dip the piece in stain to get the inside edges!
  13. Cedar Bandsaw Box

    This is a bandsaw box, in the shape of pacman. This is after you beat the game, where realistically, he would be super fat by all the dots he ate. I took some wood, and cut a pacman looking out. No real measurements, just made it as close as possible. Then after cutting the drawer out I sanded...
  14. dragon box

    this is a box I made for my youngest son. the basic outline of the dragon was masked and sray painted and the rest of the box was painted black. then the dragon was chip carved for his outline and further details of the wings, legs, body along with "adam". i just routered the edges of the lid...
  15. Baby Dragon...

    Some of you may remember this from 1963 - my version of "Puff the Magic Dragon" by Peter, Paul, and Mary. Carved from basswood, painted with acrylics. The dragon is 4 inches tall. Claude
  16. Mirror Frame "Kingdom of Veles"

    Materials: linden, fumed oak, jatoba, amber, Ural malachite, lazurite, gagate. Carved author's mirror frame based on Slavic Pagan Mythology. Действующие лица: Велес (Волос) - божество в славянском языческом пантеоне. "Скотий бог". Покровитель домашнего скота и богатства, попечитель торговцев...
  17. Painted Dragon Intarsia

    I haven't posted in quite a while due to some health issues. I saw an interesting drawing of a dragon on the net that appealed to me. The colors attracted me and I decided to try and replicate the dragon in wood. At first, my intention was to use only varnished wood, like most other intarsia...
  18. Scroll Project

    This pattern was given to me. So, I do not know the designer, but it wasnt me. This is made of Poplar and the skull is woodburned. I think I want to back it with orange felt. THoughts/suggestions/ critiques?
  19. wood dragon

    i made this last week for my brothers birthday and i got the pdf from steve good's website
  20. Skyrim Dragon Fridge Magnet

    Skyrim Dragon Fridge Magnet Size: 6,3×12 cm Hand cut from okume plywood. Applied wood stain. Protective felt pad on the back to protect the surface from scathing. My Etsy store
1-20 of 53 Results