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  1. Drill press table

    My version of a useful accessory for your DP. Just a couple pieces of plywood glued together, with some T-track set into it. There is a sacrificial 4" x 4" square of plywood in the middle to make tearout a thing of the past. I've found it very handy and I don't know why more manufacturers...
  2. Floor standing Drill Press cabinet

    Always wanted to get all my drill bits and drilling accessories in one spot and take advantage of the wasted space below the table. Cabinet is made with 3/4" plywood I had laying around and drawers are made out of 1/2" plywood. Decided to get fancy on the drawer pulls and used some black...
  3. Drill press table

    I just finished this drill press table, which is the result of a lot of help from members right here, especially Rick Dennington who help answer all of my questions!! As a newer building it was a really fun project and forced me to buy a decant Dado blade set, which I was long overdue! As you...
  4. Tennessee Cedar BS Box

    My first BS box. Made for a friend who wanted to retain the natural look and scent of Tennessee Cedar. Hence no finishing products.
  5. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hello everyone. I have just completed turning a staved bowl from Purpleheart and Maple and was wondering what finish you would suggest. I want it to SHINE when done. I have on hand, Wipe on poly, Tung Oil/Varnish, Wax, Spray Poly, and Mineral Oil. Could purchase new finish if needed but money...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Doesn't seem to be much info out there on this model. I took a chance and won one at an auction and going to pick it up on Monday. Anyone have any info on it? Looks like the belt cover is missing and I'm hoping that pulley just needs a set screw. It supposedly has 6" of travel.
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am working on partially restoring my recently purchased 1940's Craftsman King-Seeley (103.23130) drill press. I picked it up on CL for $10. I runs well and weighs a ton! I have spent a couple of days removing the rust and now want to paint it but I do not want to take the whole thing apart...
1-7 of 7 Results