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  1. Greasebox 1 & Greasebox 2

    Like many of my fellow jocks, I've been fascinated by these things since I first saw them on LJ. Good wood is kind of scarce around my parts without driving a couple hours so I didn't really know where I was going to get a 2" square chunk of whatever wood I wanted to use. It hit me when I was...
  2. Rotating Game Board - A Simple but Unique Solid Wood Chess and Backgammon Table

    OK - this piece has been going on for a while and has appeared in various states in my gaming blog series. Finally - HERE is the completed piece! One solid American black walnut original design gaming table by Artisans of the Valley (Eric M. Saperstein & Michael Pietras) custom built for our...
  3. Curly Maple & Walnut Side Table with Dovetail Keys

    It was sooooooo nice to work on this simple Curly Maple & Walnut side table after I finished, "Defiance", the Padauk & Walnut piece! I love the handmade, well-crafted, feel it gives off because of the hand-chiseled mortise & tenon joints and the rough-sawn dovetail keys… aka Dutchman Joints...
  4. Hand Tools
    New page to compete with the - never happen - epic HPOD's thread. No really, I still do hand-draw all my complex design's and was wondering who else on here, like me, collects vintage drawing equipment. Like any fine well crafted hand tool, there is nothing like a well made turn of the century...
  5. Blogs
    Dovetail Keys In this video you can see how I typically make and install dovetail keys. Dovetail keys are used to keep a crack from opening up any more, they also add an artistic touch visually.
  6. Finishing
    I have a pine board for a wooden box I'd like to make that has a pretty reddish stripe of heartwood running up the middle and very white sides. Does anyone know a finish that would bring out the red without darkening the white? Thanks Pinebox
1-7 of 7 Results