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  1. Benchtop Router Holder

    This is a benchtop router holder that I came up with. It looks a little funky and chopped up but that's because I designed it to go with my dovetailing jig. See it here… It works great as a stand alone unit though.
  2. Woodworking Skill Share
    I bought and successfully used a D4 years ago. Now, I can't figure out what I am doing incorrectly. Please do not suggest that I hand cut the dovetails because I have tried that with abysmal results. I could understand if all the gaps were consistent, but I don't understand why some are tight...
  3. Blogs
    First Marquetry Post since AFSM I'm real rusty and haven't had a chance to do a project I wanted to do since I returned from AFSM a year ago so I thought it was about time. I decided I needed a JIG to cut Dove Tail splines, it just popped into my head so here is the JIG in the first picture...
1-3 of 3 Results