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  1. Pine Blanket Chest / Dough Box

    Antique-style, primitive pine Dough Box. We use it as a Blanket Chest. Front, back and sides are actually each one board of 18" width. Milled from an old-growth tree.
  2. Rolling in the dough from the crib..., not the green kind of dough. A few weeks ago, a neighbor down the street had an old crib that she was getting rid of. Evidently, it was not safe for re-sale and wanted to know if I was interested in it. "Of course"....I hate to see wood go to waste. After busting it down into pieces - it...
  3. Maple Dough Board

    I made this dough board with design help from my wife. She had seen a simular one on one of the cooking shows. The board was made out of 3/4 hard maple, joints are biscut to keep things in line and glued with poly glue. I finished with a couple of light coats of walnut oil. After seeing this...
1-3 of 3 Results